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Saturn in the 5th house

The planets in the Fifth house of the horoscope give a person the desire to reveal their creative abilities, but Saturn , which has a limiting nature, brings some nuances to the general situation.

The owner of Saturn in the 5th house can be too shy and insecure. The need to appear on stage, go out, perform in public can cause him negative psychological states.

Here you can note the fear of failure, the expectation of shame, etc. Meanwhile, having realized this problem, a person can successfully overcome it. Working out this astrological position over time gives good results. A person can become, for example, a good public speaker, professional actor or teacher. Good organizer skills make him indispensable in social activities.

The fifth house is also responsible for children and relationships with them. The owners of Saturn in the 5th house are often in no hurry with the appearance of a child, but if a person has come to this, then this will be a well-considered and balanced decision.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The possessor of Saturn in the 5th house is dry, reasonable, businesslike and disciplined. He is very responsible for any social events, and if he is entrusted with their preparation, then he approaches this matter very thoroughly and diligently.

Such a person does not quite understand how you can rest and relax during a holiday. He does not accept an idle life and empty entertainment. If he has a hobby, then it has a practical orientation or an applied nature. For example, a native can collect old watches, locks, tools and repair them, that is, give a second life.

It is difficult for a person with Saturn in the 5th field of the radix to open his heart and confess his love. In personal life, there can be cold, separation and disappointment. Perhaps the native is not very romantic and does not advertise his feelings, but he is reliable in relationships and shows constancy in affection of the heart.

The native treats children very seriously. From an early age he tries to accustom them to feasible work, to educate them in accuracy, diligence and instill purposefulness. Working together brings parents and children closer together.

Saturn and zodiac signs

Best of all, this planet manifests its qualities in Capricorn and Libra . The owners of such a Saturn in the 5th house may have any serious hobbies (for example, mathematics, painting, gardening, mountain climbing, etc.). Developing their abilities in any area, they bring their level to mastery. Often a hobby develops into a professional activity.

The children of the owner of a strong Saturn in the 5th house, although they have a difficult character and a difficult fate, still achieve a lot in life. If at first they, as a rule, bring a lot of worries and worries to the native, then later, having reached the prime of life, they can become the subject of his pride. Such a person seeks to leave real estate or other material values ​​to his children.

Saturn and its aspects

The harmonious aspects of Saturn, located in the 5th house, give a person not only some talent, but also the ability to concentrate well and achieve real results in what he loves. Such people can be successful in teaching. The owner of Saturn in good aspects knows how to raise successful and competitive people even from difficult teenagers.

The negative aspects of Saturn bring to the native's life the experiences of the child, as well as fear for his future. There are negative moments in relationships with children: separations, periods of alienation, protracted conflicts.

Lilia Garipova

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