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Saturn in the 6th house

Saturn is the planet of hard work, responsibility and goal-setting. The nature of this luminary partly corresponds to the astrological meaning of the Sixth house of the horoscope. This field is responsible for the performance of daily duties, for work and the ability to obey. Such a person takes the service very seriously and responsibly. He understands various instructions and regulations, knows the charter and tries to conduct his activities in accordance with the instructions of his superiors.

In addition, the circumstances of the 6th house will tell about the health of the owner of the horoscope. Saturn can produce lingering, chronic illnesses that are difficult to treat. And yet, with due elaboration of this planetary principle, a person becomes very attentive to his health, does not neglect preventive measures and monitors the condition and well-being of his loved ones.

The sixth field symbolizes animals, and a person with Saturn in this house of the horoscope understands that a pet is not at all entertainment or not a toy, but a creature that requires constant attention and proper care. The owner of the horoscope will think well and weigh their capabilities before introducing an animal at home.

Characteristics and features of human behavior

The owner of Saturn in the 6th house is serious, accurate, reliable and persistent. He knows how to be responsible for the area of ​​work entrusted to him. A strongly developed sense of duty, dedication, the ability to plan and make adjustments to activities allow him to finish what he started and achieve positive results in his work.

Such people prefer to work in one place for a long time. They steadfastly endure problems and conflicts that appear in the team, and difficulties arising in the performance of duties. If they have a secure place with a small but stable income, then this is completely fine with them. The main thing is as few changes, innovations and transformations at work as possible. Often people with Saturn in the 6th house seek and find work in government agencies.

Saturn and its essential power

The biggest health problems are created by the weak and evil luminary in the 6th house. If Saturn is in the signs of Cancer, Leo or Aries and is negatively aspected by other planets, then a person has to be sick and healed a lot. Poor working conditions and a negative atmosphere in the team can discourage a person from all desire to work.

It is difficult for the owner of a weak Saturn to gather, concentrate and quickly complete the mountain of work assigned to him. Delays and delays in activities, difficulties with planning and inability to obey superiors make the native’s position at work precarious.

The owners of an essentially strong Saturn in the 6th field of the horoscope are in a better position . Saturn in Libra and in Capricorn makes his charges wise, diplomatic, consistent and persistent in overcoming obstacles. They can achieve great success in activities based on calculation, planning or management.

Saturn and its aspects

With a serious defeat of Saturn, the native may experience serious health problems. Affected by regular overtime, constant overload and delays at work until late at night. Such a person needs to closely monitor the condition of the musculoskeletal system and treat teeth on time. Chronic diseases cannot be started.

The harmonious aspects of Saturn with other planets help a person to maintain health until old age. It is easier for him to follow the correct regimen, adhere to diets and follow the recommendations of doctors. Thanks to their well-functioning business schedule and the ability to create optimal working conditions for themselves, such people manage to show amazing efficiency and efficiency in their activities.

Lilia Garipova

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