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Sextile Ascendant – Lilith: mask – temptation

A provocative extravagant image for the sake of success in society is the normal state of a native with this aspect. The ascendant denotes a social mask under which it is easier for a person to express himself in the light. Sometimes it becomes an alter ego, sometimes it does not at all coincide with the true nature of a person, but serves as a faithful assistant in career realization and communication with people.

Aspects with Lilith (Black Moon) show how taboo this mask will become in the eyes of others, whether its sexual and provocative overtones will cause hatred or admiration. Thanks to the sextile, the native does not always turn on his attractive charisma, but only in those matters that are really significant to him. Most often, he awakens inexplicable sympathy, but this does not protect against envy.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Lilith – Ascendant

Since the Black Moon is a fictitious point associated with the dark hidden stream of the human subconscious, it needs time to have a tangible impact on fate.

In childhood, the temporary inclusion of a sextile with the Ascendant is practically not felt. Separate glimpses are possible at the age of 9, but they will only affect the formation of the native’s self-esteem and the inner desire to create one or another image, style and role model for himself to follow.

In full splendor, the sextile Lilith – Ascendant turns on at the age of 18, on the second cycle of the Black Moon, when the native is already aware of his somewhat dark sensual side. While the square gives demonic appeal, the sextile adds just a pinch of charisma, but it’s enough to enchant at first sight.

The sextile does not work all the time. His magic appears when the native really needs:

  • provide yourself with a decent financial income, at the same time becoming a prominent figure in your favorite business: he will not sit in the shadows and receive a penny, unless personal planets are hit too hard;
  • to become one’s own in the desired social circle: here a person turns on personal charm to the maximum, and of course, Lilith will not miss this energy message and turn on charm, the ability to present herself favorably, artistry and subtle psychological adjustments to any interlocutor.

However, it is a mistake to consider sextile as an exclusively positive aspect. This is a zigzag of luck, but not only the right and kind are lucky. The Black Moon has 3 levels of manifestation: the lowest, the middle and the highest.

If the native is at the initial stage, he will certainly begin to act according to the nature of the aspect, but only the methods of achieving the goal will be chosen not the most environmentally friendly. These are charming egoists. They sincerely believe that everyone is extremely interested in their life, talents and abilities, while they have little interest in other people, even if they are their closest relatives.

Sextile Lilith – Ascendant here gives the ability to ingratiate himself, skillfully transform into a representative of the bohemia and the financial elite, and also creates mutual physical attraction with the opposite sex. The problem is that the native can use all this for selfish purposes, which negates the positive energy of the sextile.

The positive impact of sextile Lilith – Ascendant

The project gives luck in matters of social promotion. As soon as the native chooses an active position, he immediately understands how to build his personal brand. This is a kind of built-in flair for the marketer himself. At the same time, the style is most often provocative, defiant, but without violating the boundaries of decency.

The native knows how to excite the imagination, but does not ignore the rules of etiquette, so as not to become an outcast. There is something theatrical and feigned in his rebellion and challenge, although this just draws public attention to taboo topics, against which the owner of the sextile Lilith – Ascendant will easily make a stellar career as an innovator and inventor in creativity or in information technology.

If there are additional aspects with the 5th house, or the Ascendant is connected to it through the ruler, then these are born actors and salesmen. Artistry and oratory skills help them easily convey their value system to the world and sell an information product for a high price.

Ideally, the native prides himself on his attractiveness and the ability to form a unique style without being like anyone else. If his Lilith is in Aquarius or Leo, then the birth of a new trend in fashion is possible. Thanks to the good taste of the native, he almost never makes a mistake in choosing his own extravagant image.

How to turn on the sextile Lilith – Ascendant

Since this is a temporary aspect, it is difficult to rely on its automatically activated help. It is necessary to purposefully study the influence of Lilith on the chart as a whole, through her position in the house and sign, and consciously manifest herself on the second or third levels, avoiding the temptation of the first, lower.

In this case, we must not forget about the sign of the Ascendant. It is good if he is in the same element as the Sun or the Moon, since Lilith is the apogee of the lunar manifestation, and it will be easier for a person to bring everything to a common denominator, and even more so, to manifest himself through creativity and a creative approach to achieving the goal.

Brightness, unique style of clothing and communication, appearance, manner of speaking will always benefit. It is important to accept everything in yourself, without dividing emotions into good or bad, and also treat others. If you allow yourself negative actions according to Lilith, this will have a bad effect on your reputation and appearance.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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