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Chiron sextile Mars. sleeping hero

Sextile is a favorable aspect of the horoscope, denoting a happy coincidence, a high point or any other time period when the native is lucky in the affairs of houses united by two planets. However, most of the owners of the aspect did not use its power due to passivity and fears. Unlike the trine, which pulls a person out of any swamp, the sextile wants him to go and declare his right to success at least.

Especially when one of its participants Mars is the planet of the brave and strong. It creates constant imbalances in relations with the world. A person wants everything at once, then he rushes to heaven and is active without measure, then he throws everything halfway, abandoning the goal. Lucky are those who have a harmoniously developed Chiron in Sagittarius in the 9th house. They will be able to skillfully control the seething Martian energy and direct it in the right direction.

The influence of Mars-Chiron sextile on fate

This is not the strongest and brightest aspect of the red planet. If there are others, more powerful, they will overshadow the energy imbalance, and the native will feel only an acute choice in important matters, or the Mars-Chiron sextile will play out in the themes of Jupiter and Lilith, if there are at least some points of contact with them.

In the case where there are no other aspects, the native implements his original and creative ideas in the theme of the house and the sign of Chiron with indomitable determination, even if they are difficult to implement or frankly unrealistic. And it might work. An unknown person without connections begins to play important roles in socially significant issues, becomes a famous politician or military man. With this aspect, you can become a promising athlete and make a career in the civil service.

A small nuance – a person sees other people’s shortcomings very clearly and points out them with Martian directness. Such a boss and commander is not very liked when Mars is in the signs of Aries, Capricorn, Virgo or Cancer.

If the position of the red planet is initially weak, then the internal growth of the native is not very noticeable to people, but there will be an opportunity to prove himself as a hero or savior in situations related to the affairs of the house and the sign where Mars stands. In the case when he, for example, is in Gemini, he will help through eloquence and the ability to circle the enemy around his finger in discussions. A position in the 3rd house at the same time means that the gift will manifest itself in a stressful situation related to relatives, problems with transport, for example, in an accident, difficulties with documents.

Happy Opportunities and Talents of Mars-Chiron Sextile

Aspect gives the ability to quickly assess the situation and understand how to act in order to get the best result. The person himself may not realize it, but being in the line of fire in a shootout or driving a car pursued by a criminal, he will suddenly begin to behave like an action hero.

The Mars-Chiron sextile is present in the cards of generals and commanders of any kind of troops, and a soldier with this aspect will easily prove himself in battle in the best possible way and will not be a private for long. Such people know how to speed up the actions of others, encouraging them to be active, and they themselves do not like procrastination. They think and prepare everything in advance, and then act without being distracted by trifles. There is an inborn gift to wield a knife well. A person will be a butcher or a surgeon, depending on the level of development.

Quick reaction and non-standard Chiron strategies will find the best expression in sports. The native has every chance of becoming famous if Mars is in the 10th house.

Mars-Chiron sextile in a relationship

In a person’s life there is a certain wound associated with men. The most obvious aspect is manifested in the fate of women, who must realize their role in relations with the stronger sex, without pulling leadership positions over themselves. There is a certain bias in the mind in understanding one’s position in the family and in love relationships. The girl does not associate herself with femininity and softness. If a man likes, she immediately goes to rapprochement. She loves the company of the opposite sex and often behaves like “her boyfriend” with them, hence all the problems. The external image is also masculine, unless, of course, Venus is in the originally feminine signs, but, for example, in Aries, Capricorn or Sagittarius.

A man with sextile Mars-Chiron chooses girls who are not confident in themselves, feeling like a hero-savior, gaining self-confidence through the healing of their complexes. In the company of strong leaders, he is lost or goes into open confrontation, acutely experiencing defeat.

How to turn on Mars-Chiron sextile

Since the aspect does not bring specific events into a person’s life, helping to show Martian courage and speed under certain circumstances, the task of the native is not to avoid stressful situations, but rather to leave the comfort zone more often in matters of the house and the sign where the red planet stands, and not to hit in the face of dirt, you need to develop talents in this area in advance. The gifts of Mars in Cancer are very different from those of Mars in Aries. The first becomes a hero through dedication and understanding of people’s feelings, the second through leadership qualities and taking responsibility for oneself. Chiron will tell you how to apply these features in a new way in practice.

In any case, it is necessary to go towards what scares and, through the victory over your fears, help heal the wounds of other people.

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Vasilisa Vishneva

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