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Chiron sextile Pluto. See in the dark

Aspects with higher planets do not appear immediately. This is especially true of the sextile, which is included in important moments of life with the help of the direct efforts of the owner of the horoscope. Chiron denotes a problem area in life, but together with vulnerability and vulnerability in this area, it gives a huge potential that needs to be expressed and embodied through the principles of the second planet. And here lies the trap.

Pluto is the most distant planet, whose power is hidden from the native for the time being. However, if in youth one has to face upheavals and losses, it will turn on earlier than with a calm development of events. The aspect will facilitate the transformation of personality, if only the person abandons the beaten patterns of behavior.

The influence of the Pluto-Chiron sextile on fate

It is typical for the native to inject emotions along the line of Chiron, in the place where he stands, but the actions are in the affairs of the house and the sign where Pluto is located. Most often, it is there that the accumulated tension requires transformation through gaining control and power. Of course, if Pluto is in the 8th house, then we are talking about managing other people’s finances and resources, and in the 1st you will have to gain self-control and personal authority in order to work out the aspect and turn on its energy.

However, Chiron denotes a certain wound, the interpretation of which depends on the sign of its position. The key is in understanding the dark side in yourself and others, as well as the ability to interact with it. The native is not afraid of criminals, wars and catastrophes. This is his usual environment.

At the highest level of development, he understands the darkness in others and knows how to either bypass dangerous people, or gain their trust. Few people with this aspect turn criminals into penitent sinners, and then the righteous, but this is the purest study of karma according to Pluto, which you need to strive for.

At the lowest level of awareness, the native experiences bitterness from resentment from close people, and here it is important not to fall into despair, but to transform into a winner, to make your anger the engine of personal success.

A person has an obsessive need to feel power over the lives of other people. If Pluto is in the 7th or 5th house, there will be problems with children and partners, because the native will assert himself at their expense. It is important to realize that any war in life is a projection of the struggle with oneself.

Lucky Opportunities of Pluto-Chiron Sextile

The aspect can lead to fame and fortune, if you do not give in to the aggressors and believe in yourself. It just does not work through pure positive as other sextiles, but uses negative emotions as a detonator of explosive changes. This will not be necessary if the native is initially a strong and ambitious person.

Sextile Pluto-Chiron gives a person great performance and endurance during periods when he goes to the goal, which inspires him and ignites him from the inside. Most often it is power and money, but given the influence of Chiron, these goals are not selfish, but aimed at obtaining benefits for everyone. Simply put, the native does not just want to become the president of a company or country, but creates a plan for finding a better life for those who will be under his care. It is with this attitude that the healing of Chiron’s vulnerability and insecurity comes.

Only he himself can harm the owner of the horoscope. The weak point of the Pluto-Chiron sextile is the unbridled desire to cut the truth-womb in the forehead and frank conversations with inappropriate interlocutors.

Chiron-Pluto sextile in a relationship

Nativa is attracted to powerful and influential people, or those who have suffered a lot. This is partly due to karmic debt and experienced traumas of the past, both one’s own and along the line of ancestral memory. Often you can find stories there when the loved ones of great-grandparents died in the war or during natural disasters. Now a person has all the resources to work out these fears along the line of the house and the sign where Chiron stands. He can become a crisis manager, a psychologist, a doctor, helping others get rid of the fear of losing loved ones and thereby healing internal wounds. If there were no problems in the family, then powerful and famous personalities will be partners.

How to turn on the Pluto-Chiron sextile

The energy of the aspect will be needed by the native in any stressful and painful situation. Sometimes it is inactive until the age of 30, and in some cases it turns on already in childhood, if the native grows up in a dysfunctional family and goes through painful trials.

Oddly enough, but it is the second option that is preferable for karmic purification, because the native learns to understand pain, get rid of it, turn darkness into light, and later helps others to do the same. If there are no trials for a long time, subsequently a person becomes a tyrant, gaining power.

The more power a person has, the more intensively it needs to be spent to reduce pain and despair in the souls of people, whether it be rescue operations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, surgical operations, service in peacekeeping troops or work in a psychological support center.

Esoteric knowledge will not interfere with the native, but they should be used only for good. Understanding the principles of black magic will help him figure out dark sorcerers, expose them or save other people from the harmful influence. However, it is better not to do such things yourself. The only option is to remove damage and love spells, but this requires additional strong aspects. It is better for an ordinary person with a Pluto-Chiron sextile to be an observer and avoid sharp corners, understanding who is who.

Talisman stones will help protect against black magic: rauchtopaz , obsidian , jet , black onyx .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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