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Chiron sextile Uranus. The king of eccentricity

Astrologers have not yet come to a consensus about the strength of Chiron’s influence, considering it an asteroid or planetoid, but one thing is certain: it changes the qualities of another planet in alliance with it. Its symbol is the key, respectively, it is necessary to reveal the principles of the aspect partner in an unusual and non-standard way, which Chiron preaches , named after the wise centaur – the teacher of ancient heroes.

However, Uranus is the king of eccentricity and originality. Here you don’t have to force yourself to stand out, rather the opposite: press the brakes in time.

The fantasies of the native are limitless, but it is difficult to realize them. He does not recognize simple ways, and the ideas are so extravagant that large financial and energy resources are needed for their implementation, so not all owners of horoscopes feel the influence of the aspect.

The influence of the Chiron-Uranus sextile on fate

A person lives at high speeds and revolutions when he has an inspiring purpose. The sextile does not act constantly, so the native can be quite calm and sane, especially when the Sun and the Ascendant are in earth signs, but with regards to creativity, it turns into a firework of emotions, energies, ideas. He does not sleep, does not eat, thinking only about his dream. A characteristic sign is a change in breathing during this period: it becomes intermittent, and during a conversation – with a whistle and extraneous sounds.

If both planets are equally strong and harmonious, then nothing will stop a person on the way to the goal. Chiron and Uranus in sextile support each other and work in unison. It happens that one participant is in exaltation, and the other is in the mine, and then problems begin. The native tries to embrace the immensity, sets impossible tasks, not having achieved one goal already chooses a new one, and in the end stands still, which incredibly annoys him. It is necessary to look at what kind of obstacles can go at the location of a weak planet and eliminate them in advance. Otherwise, it’s like racing in a fast car with a flat tire.

It is incredibly important for the owner of the aspect to fulfill his dream, and obstacles provoke nervous breakdowns and the rejection of a normal lifestyle.

Happy opportunities and talents with the sextile Chiron-Uranus

Interesting and inexplicable accidents constantly happen to the native, which are usually shown in the movies. If the average person has a stellar chance once in a lifetime, and for owners of other sextiles with Chiron it happens several times, then the owners of the horoscope, thanks to Uranus, are almost in a stream of fabulous coincidences and fateful meetings.

They can rush to a job interview and save the car of the CEO of the company in which they dream of making a career from under the wheels. This is what makes it possible to bypass even more promising rivals. Their resumes are selected from thousands, they are stopped by agents to offer to star in a commercial, take part in a fashion show, act in films. The Uranus-Chiron sextile is especially good for TV journalists, announcers, radio hosts, astrologers, numerologists and IT programmers.

Sextile Uranus-Chiron in a relationship

Aspects with higher planets do not particularly affect personal life, but you need to know that for the native the main theme will be his destiny and the embodiment of extravagant ideas.

Other aspects with personal planets can mitigate the situation if, for example, the stellium, Ascendant, Venus and the Moon in Cancer, or vice versa, aggravate. Sextile Uranus-Chiron will affect the relationship if one of the participants is in the 5th or 7th house. In this case, the question arises of working out the theme of love, childbearing, marital status. The native has fear and a sense of insecurity due to an excessive desire for freedom. Both men and women are afraid to get married, to have children, so as not to get away from their destiny. At the same time, they are drawn to talented, original personalities, owners of unusual professions: actors, pilots, esotericists, in communication with whom they are saturated with vivid emotions, receive a boost of energy for personal creativity.

If Uranus or Chiron is in the 6th house, it would be nice to have an exotic pet like a parrot or a lizard. This activates luck.

How to turn on the Uranus-Chiron sextile

Usually the native doesn’t have to do anything other than follow the flow of events, grabbing luck by the tail. However, there are difficult situations. If the elements of water or earth are too strongly represented in the horoscope, there are several tau-squares, oppositions between personal planets, the native may not notice the gifts of the Chiron-Uranus sextile, or deliberately skip them, sighing heavily and saying that this is not for him.

The fact is that you will have to stand out from the crowd, be ready for discussion and criticism, which is very painful for the owners of the affected Moon. They would like to develop according to Uranus, for example, go freelance, go to live in another country, but they are afraid of misunderstanding and gossip. It is important to develop courage and independence by following your own unique path to success.

Excellent talismans for the Chiron-Uranus sextile will be blue topaz , any opals , star sapphires and paraiba tourmalines.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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