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Sextile Moon – Neptune

The moon in the horoscope is responsible for a person's well-being, his health and ability to relax. Any kind aspect with the Moon helps the native to restore vitality.

Since both the Moon and Neptune are associated with intuition, the owners of the aspect feel when it is time to stop working and start resting. An inner voice gives them tips on treatment and how to get out of crisis situations.  

Neptune is also a planet of dreams, fantasies and lofty ideals. The Sextile of the Moon and Neptune draws a person's attention both to his inner world and to the soul of the interlocutor. Psychology, religion and spiritual growth are among the native's interests.

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person, his behavior and psychological characteristics

Sextile Moon - NeptunePeople with this aspect are dreamy, intuitive and psychological. There is a pleasant and calm atmosphere next to them, in which everyone wants to open up and show themselves from the good side.

The native does not like fuss and anxiety. The true value for him is not external brilliance and prosperity, but the wealth of the spiritual world. The owner of the aspect will devote a sufficient amount of time to each person who is nearby. He will always comfort, find a kind word and give wise advice.

The owners of this configuration often find an outlet for themselves in creativity and self-development. They can be attracted to the world of music, cinema and poetry. If the Moon and Neptune are elements of financial houses, then the native's activities and income can be associated with medicine (including non-traditional medicine), organization of recreation and treatment, tourism, psychology and psychotherapy.

Sextile Moon – Neptune in the natal chart of a man

In a man's natal chart, the Moon will indicate the type of woman that he considers attractive to himself. The position and aspects of the luminary will describe the scenarios of relationships that develop with the fair sex.

A native is attracted to romantic, mysterious, kind and sympathetic women. The lady of his heart must have delicate taste, graceful physique and a rich inner world. In the current couple, there will be a high level of mutual understanding, a lot of joint creativity and heart-to-heart conversations.

Sextile Moon – Neptune in the natal chart of a woman

The moon, its position and aspects in a woman's natal chart will tell about the main character traits of the horoscope mistress, as well as about the features of her behavior and habits. The possessor of the aspect is a creative, receptive, compassionate and merciful nature.

She will always find someone to take care of: brothers and sisters, parents, spouse and her own children. She often does charity work. At the same time, a woman does not extend that she works as a volunteer, visits shelters and orphanages, or takes care of abandoned pets.

Sextile Moon – Neptune in the natal chart of the child

The harmonious aspect between Neptune and the Moon makes the child dreamy and imaginative. Such children are fascinated by calm pleasant music, and singing can become their favorite pastime. Reading bedtime stories helps kids fall asleep faster, and water procedures and stay at the sea, next to a river or pond – relax and have a good rest.

Interaction of the Moon and Neptune in various elements

The sextile of the Moon and Neptune most often combines the influence of the elements of Fire and Air, Earth and Water. The planets located in fire and air signs impart a mobile and sociable character to the native. Such a person is willingly trusted with secrets, since he knows how to listen and understand anyone. Intuition tells the owner of the aspect how to do business correctly and achieve what he wants.

If Neptune and the Moon are in water and earth signs, then such a subject devotes a lot of time and energy to his family and friends. Creating for them an environment of psychological comfort, a sense of reliability and material well-being is one of the native's life priorities.

Lilia Garipova

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