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Sextile Moon – Venus

The Moon and Venus, united by a good aspect, are planets that bring a comfortable state, a positive mood, inner harmony and well-being.

Venus symbolizes beauty and prosperity, and the Moon endows a person with caring and strong intuition. If there is a sextile between the Moon and Venus in the natal birth chart , then the native has a rich creative potential, knows how to establish relationships with others and fill his life and the existence of those around him with love, happiness and beauty.

The influence of the aspect on the personality of a person, his behavior and psychological characteristics

Sextile Moon - VenusA person with this aspect may not have a beautiful appearance, but still he makes a favorable impression on others. Such people are charming, charming, distinguished by a good disposition and excellent manners.

The owner of the horoscope is creative in everything. He can create unique images and unique aesthetic design of his work, even if he is engaged in the most common routine activities. The native dresses himself tastefully and helps to create an attractive image for his loved ones.

The owners of the aspect admire life and know how to enjoy simple earthly joys: delicious food, beautiful clothes, pleasant little things in everyday life, from happy holidays and sincere communication with people. Yet they should avoid laziness, indolence, and arrogance. Overeating and self-indulgence can be detrimental to your health.

Sextile of the Moon and Venus in the radix of a man

The good interaction between Venus and the Moon in a man's horoscope indicates that he knows how to build relationships with the female sex and is lucky in love. The native is unusually polite, gallant and delicate, and therefore it is not difficult for him to win the heart of a stranger he likes.

As partners, he chooses women who are affectionate, charming, child-loving, who know how to cook well and take care of wealth.

Sextile of the Moon and Venus in the woman's radix

If a woman's horoscope contains the mentioned aspect, he will describe her as a charming, attractive, peaceful and kind personality. The owner of the horoscope boasts numerous talents. She can be an excellent cook, decorator and artist.

In her house, as a rule, an atmosphere of harmony and well-being reigns. Such a woman knows how to create coziness and comfort for each family member. Through gentleness, complacency and compassion, she manages to form a good and even relationship with a partner. Practicality and homeliness make her a good housewife and keeper of the hearth.

Sextile of the Moon and Venus in the radix of a child

If in the child's horoscope there is a sextile between Venus and the Moon, then adults need to create all the conditions for his creative development. The attention of such a kid can be attracted by beautiful music and poems. Singing circles, poetry five minutes and painting classes will help shape the child's taste and make him more artistic.

Such children, as a rule, enjoy great pleasure in communicating with nature, attending children's concerts, holidays and entertainment.

Interaction of the Moon and Venus in various elements

Most often, the sextile between the Moon and Venus combines the influence of the elements of Fire and Air, Earth and Water.

If the interaction of the planets combines fire and air signs, then a person in communication with friends and relatives knows how to create a soft and calm atmosphere. He is sociable, communicative, has the ability to inspire anyone and inspire new things.

Moon and Venus, located in the signs of Water and Earth, endow a person with good intuition, financial talent and practicality. Such people strive for material well-being and the creation of a solid rear in the form of a family.

Lilia Garipova

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