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Sextile Mars-Saturn. The soldier strives to become a general

Sextile symbolizes good luck that arises as a person accumulates the highest qualities of the planets, united at an angle of 60 degrees. Most often, you have to work hard before receiving the award, even if gifted with talents. The owners of the Mars-Saturn sextile are well aware of this, disciplined, organized and hardworking.

They watch the brilliant take-off of ephemera from the shadows, in order to later become an example of a worthy laurel wreath bearer by merit, and not by patronage. Although the bosses usually favor a reliable, polite and executive employee, and if there is support and approval of actions at home, then the native is ready to pick stars from the sky. True, having become a workaholic, he risks losing those closest to him.

Pros and cons of Mars-Saturn sextile

It was not in vain that the higher powers endowed the owners of the Mars-Saturn sextile with physical endurance, patience, self-organization and a practical approach to life. They have to go through difficult trials and periods of limited opportunities in order to set an example of valiant overcoming of obstacles and the triumph of victory.

The best sphere of implementation is military affairs, because they are natural-born warriors who follow orders without unnecessary questions in the position of a subordinate, and organize victorious strategies in the position of a commander. Hard work and discipline do not burden, but help to relieve the heat of inner passions. A detailed understanding of the pros and cons of the Mars-Saturn sextile will help to express yourself brighter:

  • lust for power, enterprise, coldness in communication, silence, responsibility and diligence;
  • the ability to bring things to the end, organize a team and structure the work algorithm for the shortest possible result;
  • unwillingness to be nice and please for the sake of profit: enemies are simply erased from memory, friends are helped only if they are capable, and not just out of kindness;
  • talent of an engineer, ability to easily repair any equipment;
  • patience and perseverance do not exclude practical dexterity and courageous actions with thoughtful options for action;
  • preference to work in reliable government agencies with a social package and bonuses;
  • an active lifestyle in retirement, which the native has taken care of in advance;
  • irritability and aggressiveness disappear when working out the houses where Mars and Saturn are.

Aspect promotes longevity, in part due to its vigilance and indifference to risky adventures. Energy is always aimed at achieving an interesting goal, then a new frontier is outlined, so the native achieves more than rivals in a short time.

Love relationships with sextile Mars-Saturn

The owner of the Mars-Saturn sextile needs a strong rear. The feeling that people at home are loved and expected, gives confidence for a breakthrough in business and inspires to increase financial well-being. Money is usually lucky. The bearer of the aspect tends to lead an ascetic lifestyle, which can lead to disagreements with a partner, but quickly gets into a taste of comfort and luxury. However, he likes spending money on children and family more than on his needs.

These are monogamous people whose deep and passionate feelings are hidden far from prying eyes. Best of all is a date in private, when a person reveals himself in true splendor, casting off the image of a cold, indifferent warrior. Sexual urges are fierce, but held back by Saturnian correctness and decency. Men and women with the Mars-Saturn sextile are equally looking for the image of a father in a partner, but if in girls this is harmoniously expressed in the need to be under guardianship and protection, then a strong, domineering leader sees a commander in his wife and turns into a henpecked. Working out Venus will help harmonize your personal life.

Sextile Mars-Saturn in the child’s horoscope

A short and calm child with a Mars-Saturn sextile does not give the impression of being shy. He is confident in his own strength and dignity, showing with all kinds that he is not interested in proving the evidence of personal authority. He is feared and is not bullied like the others, especially since sports is the main hobby in which he achieves great success, thanks to endurance and original strategy.

Both girls and boys are not fooled by the provocation of the enemy; they go to the goal without being distracted by emotions. The task of parents is to help self-assert themselves in school and in communication with peers. It is important for a child to be the first, but when Mercury is damaged, it is sometimes difficult to become an excellent student, difficulties arise with making acquaintances and maintaining a conversation with the opposite sex, which makes him withdrawn into himself and deceptively seems to be a cold egoist.

The ward of the sextile Mars-Saturn prefers to be friends with strong, promising guys, does not touch the weak, but does not appreciate either. If Mars is struck, it can rally a company of leaders who exalt themselves above others and sympathize with Nazi theories. The authority of the father is extremely important. The native strives to be like him in relationships and professional path, although Saturn can also manifest through the grandfather, whom the child will choose as his ideal.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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