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Sextile MS (Middle of the sky) – Lilith: a career as a temptation

The sextile of the Black Moon to the Meridian of the Midheaven has a peculiar and unusual effect on fate. It does not have a fatal and strong influence on a career, therefore, in Russian schools of astrology they do not pay much attention to it, however, being an event-driven aspect, it can give detailed layouts of happy occasions when it is possible to fly high without having connections, means, and even special talents. To do this, you need to be ready to grab luck by the tail.

MS (Meridian of the Middle of Heaven ) is the highest point of the horoscope, which is located in the 10th house, and symbolizes the main goals and objectives not only in a career, but also in a person’s destiny, which is much wider than obtaining a certain specialty. Sextile is an aspect of luck through the dark seductive energies of Lilith, at a low level of development, or creativity and charm at the highest.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Lilith – Midheaven

The MC is not a planet, but an ecliptic point, and of course, a minor aspect with another fictitious point will not give a very significant impact on fate, especially in the case of the presence of major aspects: a conjunction, a trine, a square in the 10th house, or between its ruler and personal planets, or with the same Lilith. However, if they do not exist at all, then it is a sin not to use the positive influence of the sextile of the Black Moon and the MC, not only from an eventual, but also a psychological point of view.

The middle of the sky is the life tasks and goals of a person, through the achievement of which he enters the main purpose of his life.

What to do if access to them is blocked due to the weak position of the Sun, Venus, hit or burned Mercury? Indeed, in order to reach your destiny, you must first acquire the bright features and abilities of that sign in the 10th house where the MS is located. The sextile of Lilith and the Midheaven will help here. Through it, a person begins to show purposefulness, pressure, emotional involvement in matters of career and social advancement.

The fact is that Lilith gives the effect of a very strong sticking on the topics of the houses affected by the aspect, and this temptation is so strong that it unexpectedly helps to overcome the complexes and fears caused by the weak Sun and the affected personal planets.

In other words, a person wants recognition, victories and glory so much that he steps over internal blocks and overtakes stronger rivals. This, of course, does not exclude internal fears and unrest. But according to Lilith, he wants success so much that he jumps into the abyss, hoping for the parachute to open.

Therefore, in order for the experience to be successful, one must initially see what virtues in the sign of the 10th house must be discovered and developed, and also reach the highest level of Lilith herself at her place of residence. In this case, when fate gives a chance, the native will be fully armed.

There is only one problem – at a low level of development, the native gets access to the dark and dirty vibrations of Lilith and sticks to them. He sees that success in a career can be obtained through sexual attraction, manipulation of the minds of other people, intrigues and bribes, and does not hesitate to use this when the opportunity arises. He will get his own, but no one cancels the boomerang effect every 9 years, even if there is a positive energy of this aspect.

The positive influence of the sextile Lilith – the middle of the sky

If there are trines to the 10th house in the natal chart, they will completely block the weak effect of the sextile with more powerful events and energies. However, it happens that a person has only him, and since Lilith often stands in 8 or 12 houses, then in addition to creativity, help from above comes in a mystical way, or through some stressful events that become points of growth.

They also turn into tribal secrets, inheritance and risky credit histories, when a native in desperation borrows money from a bank or relatives to fulfill his dream, and wins.

Mom plays a big role in moving up. Unless otherwise indicated, she can be an ambiguous, strange and talented person, with a multifaceted perception of the world. Such a mother teaches the child that all means are good and that one should not miss a single opportunity that life gives. Thanks to this, the native uses his artistry, charm, desperate desire for a better life as a springboard to jump into the social elevator. It would seem that the indirect influence of psychological moments, but if not for them, it is unlikely that a person would have decided on bold deeds.

How to turn on the sextile Lilith – MS

This aspect works from the age of 18, but the internal processes of becoming a person can be affected at about 9 years old, when the native begins to dream of fame and success. However, fate begins to throw happy cases after adulthood, and here it is important to consciously prepare for compliance with the highest tasks according to the sign of the 10th house and not succumb to dirty temptations for the sake of fame and honors.

It is especially difficult to do this for owners of MS in Capricorn, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. They are very afraid that there will be no second chance, and they are ready to go head over heels towards their goal, although the emphasis should be on personal talents not only in the 10th house where the MS stands, but also in the sign of Lilith, combining them into a creative symbiosis.

Some forbidden topics, secrets, family stories can become a kind of key to the energies of the 10th house. Contrary to logic, arrogance, assertiveness, resentment and rage can benefit a career, so it is important not to suppress them and not strive to be good to everyone.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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