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Sextile Pluto – Lilith: passion and strength

Like a trine with the same participants, this aspect makes the native a born magician or psychotherapist, surprisingly feeling the main plexus of problems in the mind of the patient. However, if the trine is constantly active, Pluto’s sextile with Lilith turns on when a person consciously desires to know something secret or influence the fate of others.

If he falls in love or is physically attracted, the aspect also starts to work, but depending on the level of development, the native will either magnetically attract the opposite sex, or pursue partners and prove that he is the best. Passion, strength, the ability to make money in a crisis, literally from the garbage, favorably distinguish the owner of the horoscope from the crowd.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Pluto – Lilith

If the Black Moon projects the secret desires and consequences of the sins of the ancestors onto the reality of the native, prompting one to want the initially forbidden or to sublimate this desire into creative breakthroughs, Pluto is the planet of collective karma. The personal becomes the common.

However, thanks to the positive energy of the sextile, this deep secret experience helps the native become a strong leader in a team or on a global scale, a passionate fighter for ideals and a pioneer of blind spots in any niche that interests him.

Perhaps his ancestors once quite clearly and powerfully showed themselves in the topics of power, money, esotericism, and now it is easy for the native to succeed there, since the keys to it are already in his subconscious. Passionately carried away by this or that subject, he seems to open the inner locks and gain access to secret knowledge.

Such people can easily resolve any conflict in relationships, at work, even bring the excited crowd to their senses, or vice versa, ignite its fighting spirit and direct it in the right direction. This makes them leaders and elevates them as individuals above the collective unconscious. However, all this is possible with a strong position of Pluto and Lilith.

If the planet of karma is in Libra, Taurus or Leo, then the native dreams of power and big money, he even has the ability to brilliantly manage all this, but the Black Moon, like an open Pandora’s box, includes more and more doubts: what if I fail, disgrace, fail, I’m still not smart enough, experienced, handsome, and much more.

Thus, it is extremely difficult for a person to take the first step towards his goal. But if, for example, the owner of the sextile Neptune – Lilith in this case hovers in pain-relieving dreams, then the ward of Pluto and the Black Moon begins to assert itself in the family. It can be a really good position of the head responsible for finances, real estate, documents and organization of life in the house, but at a low level of development, it turns out to be a dictator-tyrant or a housewife Freken Bock, who gets away with everything, because no one has canceled the sextile’s luck energy.

And yet, if the native still wants to become popular, he can easily do it, because in such a combination of Lilith and Pluto, this is literally embedded in the karmic code of a person. Moreover, he can essentially fulfill his mission only when he gains fame and recognition from the public.

The positive influence of sextile Lilith – Pluto

It is easy for such people to become popular if they let go of their inner critic and trust the deep, even somewhat wild instincts of their subconscious. Whatever they do, they should bring in the scorpion energy of strength, passion, exploratory passion and understanding of the root cause of dark and tragic events. This energy is just not enough for the owners of weak Pluto in exile and fall, but even here the personal will of a person decides a lot. Before psychologically saving others, he himself needs to go through several sessions with a psychotherapist.

The owners of strong Pluto and Lilith do not need guidance. They are full of magnetic attraction for the opposite sex, while their appearance may be far from ideal, but partners fall in love at first sight, although this feeling is far from platonic, it is rather an all-consuming passion.

Sex also plays a huge role in the life of the native, if the libido falls, then the aspect stops working in other directions.

How to turn on the sextile Pluto – Lilith

The main key to the aspect is self-confidence. It is she who launches the necessary energy, attracts circumstances in which a person manifests himself as a leader, savior or crisis manager. You need to be prepared that the conditions for the inclusion of the Pluto-Lilith sextile are far from favorable. Stress awakens the memory of the past deeds of the ancestors through Lilith, and the power of Pluto helps to put this into practice.

Any shocks can awaken inner knowledge of how to behave in wartime conditions, in the event of loss of money, health, work, and not only in relation to oneself, but also to mass events, for example, during a pandemic, economic collapse, war. The native becomes a savior not only for himself, but also for those around him, and if he already occupies an important position in government or business, he launches entire social assistance programs.

In any case, it is stress that becomes a gold mine for revealing the power of Pluto’s sextile – Lilith. Its owner will be supported by a lava stone, and fragments of a meteorite can be used as a talisman.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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