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Sextile Sun – Lilith: the radiance of seduction

For the Black Moon , there is no greater pleasure than connection with the Sun , the source of light, energy, strength and warmth of the native. Sextile is a positive aspect. He softens difficult situations, works as an airbag at sharp turns of fate and throws up happy occasions when a person can show the best qualities of the aspect participants in all their splendor. However, Lilith is still not a planet, but a fictitious point. It is associated with the dark side of the subconscious and sinful temptations, which means it encourages the Sun to shine through the disclosure of forbidden topics and physical pleasures, which also seem sinful to many.

At the same time, the positive aspect gives the native confidence in their own uniqueness and many talents in the subject of signs and houses affected by it. Wherever the native works, he will express himself creatively, and his sex appeal will not go unnoticed. This is a real magnet for the opposite sex.

Strengths and weaknesses of the sextile Sun – Lilith

Aspect gives a clear sober look at their flaws and a special gift for turning them into a unique feature, making them a fashion trigger. This is exactly what Brigitte Bardot did, popularizing her capricious grimace of full lips, which was the result of a malocclusion. Naturally attractive and sexy, the actress became almost a symbol of sin in the minds of men all over the world, although she led a life no worse than many of her contemporaries.

This is the trick of the Sun-Lilith sextile. He gives easy fame through personal attractiveness and unique talent, but others envy and see the personality of the native as if through a crooked lens, attributing dirty thoughts and sexual fantasies to him.

In a negative manifestation, it is possible:

  • categorically expressing one’s opinion, regardless of the faces and feelings of opponents;
  • violation of traditions and norms of behavior, sometimes deliberate damage to the mood and solemn atmosphere;
  • difficult relationship with his father, the desire to surpass him in terms of talent and self-expression;
  • competition with her husband and the desire to prove his leadership to him, for a man, respectively, on the contrary.

The owner of the sextile Sun – Lilith is really not afraid to show her wild side and does it without hesitation, so she cannot be called hypocritical. However, we must not forget that the Black Moon in this combination endows a person with shamelessness if he does not work on himself.

Such people love to emphasize their sexuality, sometimes they are ready to walk naked through the streets, not understanding what is wrong here? If they are also beautiful in appearance, then they completely fall into narcissism. They believe that they came into the world to be a symbol of beauty and freedom. In part, this is their mission, especially if the Lilith-Sun sextile affects the 10th house, but the main thing is not to violate the norms of decency.

In matters affected by the aspect of houses, a person will be an example of independence or arrogance, which is the second happiness if Lilith is strong.

The positive influence of sextile Lilith – the Sun

This is a powerful claim to success. Sextile does not work all the time, you need to feel your lucky chance and grab it with your bare hands. Many aspect holders feel like outsiders, because from childhood they are not like others, but they are given a rare gift to turn their eccentricities, shortcomings and characteristics into unique features that make them stars as much as they themselves want to be.

With the sextile Sun – Lilith, success comes easily, although it has a scandalous connotation. Even at a high level of development, a lot of gossip occurs around a person and his actions, for example, the flight of Y. Gagarin excited the whole world.

The owners of the aspect dream of exploits and indeed their actions fascinate and inspire people to their own accomplishments.

The lack of shame also has a downside – the courage to express yourself. These are eccentrics and extroverts, and in a good way people accept them in this way.

The easiest way to prove yourself in those areas where the talent of an actor, politician, organizer is valued, but by and large, if the native gives himself the right to be himself, he will succeed everywhere due to innate charisma. It is enough for such a person to enter the room and all eyes are directed at him.

Particular care should be taken by those who have the Sun or Lilith associated with the 7th or 12th house. Their brightness and unusualness irritate people, up to the appearance of secret enemies.

How to turn on the sextile Sun – Lilith

If the Sun is weak, then the person becomes a real narcissist who does not tolerate criticism. He believes that he does everything perfectly and passes off a draft as an excellent result. When Lilith is weak, it is generally difficult for him to decide on any action for fear of shame. It is important to feel a wave of inspiration and adventurism in yourself. This is exactly the solar energy, coupled with the Black Moon, which turns on the sextile and gives a magical acceleration to the plans.

You should be proud of your uniqueness. The native is already born with a sense of personal brand that just needs to be formalized and developed.

Any sun-igniting actions (SZD) corresponding to the house and zodiac sign of the main luminary will also do. If, for example, it is in the 7th house in Libra, then when advising people on issues of psychology, marriage, negotiating, being an intermediary, it is important to find your own style, unlike competitors, and then fame and success will not keep you waiting.

The main rule is that when violating conventions and traditions, it is important not to lose a sense of proportion so that you do not turn into a criminal from a symbol of freedom and a new trend.

For owners of the sextile Sun – Lilith, the best talisman will be a sun stone.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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