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Sextile Uranus – Lilith: free artist

This aspect brings a lot of excitement, emotions and confrontations with the world into the life of the native, despite the seemingly positive energy of the sextile. The native is a bright, extravagant personality with an original vision of the world and an even more unusual way of self-expression. On the one hand, this gives him a chance to become a star in any chosen field, thanks to his amazing personality, on the other hand, people do not like and accept with hostility those who are not like them.

The positive sextile Lilith – Uranus in many happy cases in fate, when a person finds himself in simply fabulous conditions for the development of his natural gift, but he does not guarantee that the path to success will be easy. The native will reach the top faster than others, but he will also have many haters.

Opportunities and problems of sextile Uranus – Lilith

A person with this aspect is a real troublemaker. Uranus is the planet of extravagance and the destruction of old habitual attitudes and rules. Lilith (Black Moon) symbolizes deep generic programs, fears and impulsive reactions inherent in the subconscious.

The owner of the horoscope may not be aware of them, but in the themes of the house where she stands, she responds to life events precisely from the points of these old traumas, while Uranus encourages him to escape from there, destroy everything in the bud, and only in the case of a high level of development and emotional intellect there is a desire to create something new, better than the previous one.

Usually, the average owner of the sextile Uranus – Lilith behaves defiantly: he expresses his opinion sharply, not caring about the feelings of his interlocutors, denounces other people’s actions and mistakes, not noticing his own mistakes, sometimes reinvents the wheel, brushing aside well-wishers who are trying to suggest that he is stuffing cones on level ground.

More developed personalities also do not give a damn about social conventions, artistic and literary canons, but freeing themselves from them, they manage to create new, revolutionary systems in creativity, business and science, and especially in the Internet reality. These are born inventors for whom there are no barriers and restrictions. Where others say it’s impossible, they see the way to the end result.

However, even at this level of development, men and women with the sextile Uranus-Lilith commit sharp impulsive acts just for the sake of pleasure. This is especially evident if personal houses are affected: 1, 7, as well as 4 and 8. With such indications, people start a scandal or quarrel out of the blue to drain excess energy, or they just like to express an opinion opposite to the majority, and watch how then everyone is pissed off about it.

If Lilith and Uranus are in a weak position, then this is similar to masochism, since the consequences of quarrels and conflicts are detrimental to the native, and a strong position encourages him to assert his primacy in this way just for fun. These are free artists or lone wolves, depending on the position and aspects of personal planets.

The positive influence of sextile Uranus – Lilith

The sextile does not work constantly, but turns on periodically, at the moments when a person consciously uses the energy of the planets. Uranus has a decisive influence on the life of the native in his 21 years, as well as in 42-43. This does not mean that at other times he is inactive, but it is during this period that due to his powerful and impetuous energy, you can literally fly up to the very top of social success in a matter of days, or at least get out of the hole where fate has thrown.

We must also not forget that permissiveness and excess of power in Lilith’s house return like a boomerang every 9 years. Accordingly, after a rise in popularity at 21, a sharp and painful decline at 27 is quite possible if the native goes into all serious trouble and does not develop his true talents.

Sextile Uranus-Lilith endows a person with an original sense of style, the ability to create provocative contemporary art, and also non-standard, but very effectively solve any problems.

These people become pioneers in Internet technologies, social networks, electronics, cybernetics, they make extravagant and prominent TV presenters, DJs, and artists.

How to turn on the sextile Uranus-Lilith

Any unusual circumstances and people become the ignition key for this aspect, especially if the 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th houses are affected. If you want to show your talents, but something doesn’t work out, you need to commit some non-standard, impulsive, in some ways even arrogant act. For example, approach the boss directly and offer workflow optimization or prove that he is able to pull a promotion right tomorrow.

The defiant futuristic style of clothing, attending secular professional events, such as routs of bloggers or experts in their niche in a prestigious and extravagant place, will also help to activate the Uranus-Lilith sextile.

It is important to learn how to stand out from the crowd so as not to cause aggression in your address. Of course, there will always be envious people, but the hatred should not be massive, because then Lilith will turn on in full force, and the native will behave like a madman. Freedom of creativity and the state of a free artist are very important in any field, so the owner of the Uranus-Lilith sextile needs to look for a job where he will have the right to speak, choose, and preferably a flexible or free schedule, without a strict dress code.

Star sapphire and harlequin opal will be wonderful talismans .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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