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Venus-Saturn Sextile. Love on schedule

Sextile shows the area of ​​potential success, where you need to earn rewards and help from above. Giftedness and intellectual abilities will not automatically make a native happy, especially with an aspect that unites such different planets as Venus and Saturn . An attempt to subordinate love to strict rules, to live according to a schedule, giving up sensual pleasures, turns into a loss of connection with one’s own soul.

Despite the positive energy of sextile, which gives willpower, control over emotions and the ability to structure your creativity, planning a methodical execution of a behind-the-scenes routine, it is difficult for a native to break the bonds of internal complexes and parental restrictions. A strict upbringing or a lack of faith in his creativity can hinder the path to success, which requires careful study.

Pros and cons of Venus-Saturn sextile

Most often, due to the positive influence of sextile, the native displays the best qualities of the planets. Serious, reliable people approach their work and relationships with people thoroughly. They will not give promises that they cannot fulfill, and if they offer friendship and enter into a love union, then they have thought over and weighed all the prospects, preparing to give time and energy.

The main problem of the owners of the Venus-Saturn sextile is their inability to observe the measure: they give more than they receive, or they are simply afraid to be rejected and misunderstood, preferring to hide in the shadows. Venus in the Saturnian framework feels lonely since childhood, relaxing in solitary creativity – literature, poetry, drawing, sculpture. It is difficult for a native to assess himself objectively. He constantly thinks that the creations are not perfect enough, so teachers and friends are needed who will give confidence in the originality of talent. To succeed, you need to study the strengths and weaknesses of the Venus-Saturn sextile:

  • benevolence, sincerity, solicitude, prudence and caution;
  • sympathy for people older than themselves in communication and personal relationships, idealization of successful individuals and tireless work to achieve the same results;
  • chastity, a strict moral code, fidelity to marriage vows and friendship, even to the detriment of oneself;
  • good relations with relatives, the ability to attract reliable business partners and sponsors;
  • the ability to subordinate abstract quantities of time and creativity to schedule and analysis helps to become great businessmen, producers and show business managers;
  • the desire to save and increase capital through investment, being content with a modest lifestyle;
  • success and the disclosure of spiritual resources often happens in the second half of life through liberation from youthful delusions and fears.

The main disadvantage is excessive seriousness and suppression of feelings. Friends and loved ones lack warmth and ease in communication with the native. Over the years, external coldness passes on to the inner world, making a person callous and indifferent.

Love relationships with sextile Venus-Saturn

Men and women feel the influence of the Venus-Saturn sextile through the aching discontent that arises even with an objectively happily developing relationship. It is difficult for girls to reveal femininity, squeezed by moral norms imposed in the family or invented by them to correspond to the ideal.

Men experience shyness in sex and, if necessary, win the lady of the heart. The owner of the Venus-Saturn sextile will definitely not sing serenades or fight a duel. He would prefer to take offense at everyone, or, wearing a mask of indifference, wait until the woman herself chooses a pair. If he fails, he will not take revenge, but he will be disappointed in love for many years. At the same time, the connection of the planets provides excellent prerequisites for a long, happy marriage with the right person, who will have Saturn in Libra or Aquarius, making him open to solving psychological problems.

The owners of the Venus-Saturn sextile, as a child, felt parental coldness when trying to express their individuality and move away from family traditions, so they need a partner who will support the creative Venusian principle, floridly bypassing the prohibitions of Saturn.

Venus-Saturn sextile in the child’s horoscope

At first glance, a reasonable, well-mannered and obedient child is happiness for parents. He studies a lot, is diligent and respects the elders, not by order, but from the heart: he will always help to carry heavy bags and greet. However, a karmic fear lives in the child’s soul, turned on by the Venus-Saturn sextile: to become rejected, not to please, not to please close and dear people.

An inferiority complex easily arises from strict parenting and lack of praise, when achievements are taken for granted and mistakes are criticized. The situation is aggravated by the position of the Sun in Virgo and Cancer, and Mars in Pisces and Scorpio. With the position of Venus in Cancer and Scorpio, the child’s grievances can be far-fetched. Success in creativity – drawing, sculpture, journalism, as well as single sports – figure skating, gymnastics, tennis, will help to liberate themselves.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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