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Venus Sextile – Uranus. Create and love

Sextile is an aspect between planets with an angle of 60 degrees. It is considered positive and promises a fair reward of merit if the native will work tirelessly and exhibit the highest qualities of the communication participants. If you ignore this moment, then dissatisfaction with the quality of life, relationships and creative lack of demand will poison existence.

This is especially true of the owners of the Venus-Uranus sextile, whom the Higher Forces have given them full talents, magnetism, admirers and an intuitive understanding of the laws of wealth. However, superficial feelings and frivolity can negate all potential opportunities for success, if you think that it will come without effort and concentration.

Pros and cons of Venus-Uranus sextile

The union of the planets of love and eccentricity endows a person with fantastic charm. When a native appears in society, it seems that the atmosphere around is electrified, thickening into an almost tangible glow around him. Unusual and progressive views, ahead of their time, an inquisitive mind and heightened emotionality instantly translate him into the status of a star or, at least, an interesting in all respects original, with whom they want to get acquainted. Staying in the shadows with the Venus-Uranus sextile is unrealistic even if there is the Sun in the 12th house , so you need to make the most of the advantages of the configuration:

  • the ability to influence the interlocutor and a large audience through emotions, which is very good for artists, teachers, politicians;
  • musical, vocal, oratorical abilities, sympathy for avant-garde trends and the search for new forms of art;
  • personal charm, artistry, eccentric, but not violating the aesthetic norms of decency, style of dress;
  • original ideas leading to success come during periods of intense love and are embodied with the support of enthusiastic like-minded people or spouses;
  • talent in the field of electronics, technology, computer programming;
  • many happy occasions for obtaining wealth and fame occur only with constant creative growth and spiritual quest.

These properties are especially pronounced after 30 years, although luck and luck accompany the native from childhood. At a low level of development, strange, eccentric friends are attracted, which become a source of trouble. Frivolity and unwillingness to make efforts to obtain a stable result lead to the fact that the wallet is either thick or empty, and a lot of happy opportunities pass by.

Love relationships with sextile Venus-Uranus

Incredible sex appeal, unconventional appearance and distinctive talent attract crowds of fans like a magnet. Venus-Uranus sextile is found in the majority of famous artists – A. Abdulov, A. Domogarov, B. Bardot, M. Monroe, Sophie Marceau, D. Kharatyan, O. Menshikov, emphasizing unearthly uranian charisma and endowing with amorousness. A penchant for adventures and romance with unusual people can rise to the top of the world and cause death, so the wards of the aspect should be more attentive to the environment. They do not think of themselves outside of communication and large groups of friends, fun and parties, which their companions will have to put up with.

There is a certain moment of narcissism: the owner of the Venus-Uranus sextile is sincerely in love with himself and childishly selfish in his thirst for love and admiration. This is especially evident in women. Men before old age sometimes resemble a big child who never gets tired of surprising with unexpected antics.

The native’s partners are fascinated by the beloved’s dissimilarity to others, by the novelty of the sensations and emotions received, but the deeper the connection, the clearer it is that more points of contact are required than flirting, adventure and the outer brilliance of social events. In addition, under the influence of sensual Venus and impulsive Uranus, a person rarely remains faithful, except for their position in earth signs, and this leads to several marriages. The plus aspect is that the partner is also given freedom of expression, and cheating is easily forgiven.

Venus-Uranus Sextile in the child’s horoscope

Love and support from parents inspires the little owner of the Venus-Uranus aspect to feats in the field of creativity and computer technology. He is interested not only in standing out from the crowd, but in creating something new that was not there before, so if you do not instill the correct aesthetic guidelines from childhood, shocking experiments with appearance begin in adolescence, including tattoos, piercings and eccentric outfits.

It is possible to harmonize the uranian passion for innovation through music, singing, theatrical skills, drawing, photography, designing clothes, and most importantly, creative development through Internet resources and computer programming. These are potential stars of social networks, bloggers and inventors, however, the complete lack of fear and caution often attracts inadequate people, which should be strictly monitored by parents.

Frivolity and inability to concentrate interfere with good studies, especially if the Sun is in Gemini and Libra. To balance spontaneous inspiration, it is necessary to work out natal Mercury .

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Venus Sextile Uranus:


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