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Sextile Ascending (Descending) Node – Moon: the gift of intuition

The sextile is a favorable aspect, but unlike the trine, it does not act constantly, but turns on when the owner of the card needs protection, or he really wants to succeed in the area of \u200b\u200bthe affected houses, and most importantly, he is actively working in this direction. Lunar nodes in Vedic astrology were designated by the head and tail of the mythical Dragon. Ascending Rahu rushed up and longed for new impressions, Descending Ketu pulled down to repeat the experience of past lives.

The sextile of the Moon with these karmic nodes shows the leading role of intuition in the development of the native, as well as the significant influence of the mother on his self-determination and choice, since all three participants are closely connected with the destination. The moon is the heart of the natal chart, something that truly pleases and attracts a person at the subconscious level, without which relaxation and harmony are impossible. If it is energetically blocked, then there will be no success and happiness.

Moon Sextile Karma with Descending Ketu

By the lunar nodes it is easy to determine your karma. Descending Ketu shows the presence of ready-made talents worked out in a past life. There are two options here:

  • in a previous incarnation, the native used his gifts to harm people or profit from them;
  • a person has realized himself to the maximum and now he does not need to re-succeed in the same area, but with the help of these gifts he can move to a new level, indicated by Rahu.

The sextile of the Descending Node and the Moon indicates that in a past life the native was under the care of the mother. All vital decisions were made by her.

For men, this also means the strong influence of the wife. They could be henpecked and serve the family, or their talent developed under the strict control of the female part of the family. If the native begins to investigate the genealogy, he will see that the main part of the development was carried on their shoulders by women. Now the time has come for independent decision-making, which does not exclude respect for the mother and wife, but one cannot be henpecked or a resigned Cinderella, especially in the case of a toxic relationship. The Moon-Ketu sextile implies the development of talent through resistance to the will of the mother, who may want the child to succeed along the line of the Descending Node, but you need to go in the opposite direction.

The sextile of the Moon with the Descending Node symbolizes the worthy behavior of the native in a past life. Perhaps he or she selflessly cared for a sick mother or wife (male card), unable to fully realize his talent in the houses affected by the aspect, or for some reason there was not enough time for development: illness, war, death. However, the owner of the horoscope adequately coped with the difficulties and now he is given the opportunity to freely become popular, delight the world around him with talents and receive rewards. With the sextile Moon – Descending Node, you need to listen to the advice of the mother, but also do not forget about the voice of intuition.

Talents and opportunities of the sextile of the Moon with the Rising Node

The Moon controls emotions and the deep inner “I” of a person, respectively, the sextile with the North Node makes them paramount when choosing a life path. If a person develops along the line of the Ascending Node, he succeeds easily. It is very easy to determine the key direction of destination, if there is just a sextile with the Moon, however, when in addition to it there is a connection of Rahu with another planet, then the influence of both will have to be taken into account, which, on the one hand, specifies the scope of talent applications and expands their range, but if the planets – antagonists in their essence, it is difficult to harmoniously combine their energies.

For example, Pluto in conjunction with the Ascending Node plus sextile with the Moon will encourage a person to manipulate the minds of people and profit financially from lunar gifts such as empathy, care, the ability to cook, heal, understand the psychology of small children, women and animals. Thus, it can be assumed that the native will most likely choose the profession of a psychologist or a doctor, but will stubbornly go to the top in order to become the most sought-after and highly paid specialist.

Talents and abilities of the sextile of the Moon with the Descending Node

The South Node, on the one hand, blocks the power of the planet, on the other hand, it also shows that the subconscious mind of the native remembers how he used these talents in practice.

For example, if the Moon is in Taurus, and Venus, as its ruler, is in the 5th, 7th, 11th houses, then the person has a charming voice, and from early childhood, at the suggestion of his mother, he performs on stage. Only now, if he chooses the profession of a singer, problems will begin if the sphere of the North Node is not properly involved.

But singing as a hobby with the main profession in Rahu and the 10th house is quite acceptable.

The main talent of the native is the ability to adapt to any circumstances. These are social chameleons who can integrate into any team, and the relationship with the mother played a leading role here, who either taught flexible adaptive behavior, or vice versa, was harsh, demanding and critical (for example, if the Moon is in Capricorn or Virgo), and the native was forced to learn to adapt and maneuver in a not very healthy family atmosphere. But later, in adulthood, this skill will periodically turn on in difficult moments, for example, when working with a boss or colleague who looks like a mother, and in the case of a man, in a relationship with his wife. It is better to choose a profession according to the North Node, and as a hobby, engage in psychology, esotericism, dancing, and cooking.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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