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Sextile Ascending (Descending) node – Selena: bright souls

The ascending North Node is called the head of the Dragon, which craves new spiritual food and vivid impressions. In Vedic astrology, his name Rahu and most often aspects with him have a positive meaning, especially when it comes to sextile. A person strongly feels its influence at important stages in his life, but in order to ride this energy and rush towards his dream, he needs to make personal efforts, develop his talents. The descending South Node is the tail of the Dragon, a sign of an overflowing karmic bowl. It is easy for a person to show talents in areas affected by sextile, but one cannot be conceited and selfish, because then the Higher powers will close access to the energy of luck. If Selena is involved in the aspect, this is a sign of divine patronage and the need to follow only the path of light and goodness.

Selena’s sextile karma with the ascending (descending) node

The sign and the house where Selena stands , she is also the White Moon, a zone of special human luck. This is light karma. It was in this area that the ancestors of the native, and he himself in the past incarnation, performed the greatest number of good deeds.

Every 7 years a person is rewarded if he follows the same path, doing good. The sextile makes its own adjustments, encouraging the development of talents, but if an alliance with a personal planet implies enjoying one’s own uniqueness and the manifestation of oneself to the world, then with Selena one will have to think: does my work carry a miraculous light that inspires others.

This is especially important when the White Moon is sextile with the Ascending Node. Most likely, the talents in the houses and signs affected by them were clearly manifested in family history, and it remains for the person to take over the baton. If the North Node is in conjunction with another planet, then its gifts also need to be realized with good intentions, otherwise every 7 years you will have to face a rollback and losses instead of the intended reward.

Selena manifests itself in life on three levels when a person:

1. enjoys life, consumes the benefits of Selena, not caring about self-development;

2. understands that he received the blessing and protection of the Higher powers for a reason and tries to improve the world through his abilities and talents;

3. leaves for spiritual service, refusing material goods.

With the sextile of the White Moon with the Ascending Node, it is desirable to live according to the 2nd option, but the Descending Node suggests a transition to the 3rd level, because in past lives a person has already received many awards and developed his skills to perfection. In this life, he will easily master them again and then it is necessary to move on to the mission of the North Node or the 3rd level of Selena.

Talents and abilities of Selene’s sextile with the Ascending Node

The White Moon is the guardian angel of man. It is called a protective cover, but this does not mean that the native will bypass problems and obstacles when trying to show his talents to the world. Sextile is an aspect of luck and indeed, it gives meetings with high-ranking people who are close in spirit, gives internal clues: how to plan your promotion, what to do well to turn on the pipeline of favorable events, but if there are tense aspects, a person will have to work and fight to win back the right to happiness. The sextile of the White Moon with the North Node is a sign that in the end everything will work out, and despite the obstacles, the native will win.

This aspect does not give any special indication of the profession, although it could presumably be medicine and law, but it involves serving people through one’s gift, whether it be the talent of an actor, writer, businessman, artist or teacher. Whatever specialty the native chooses, he needs to become a source of light, goodness and inspiration in it, and also not be ashamed to receive good pay for his work, which, of course, does not exclude charity.

Talents and abilities of Selene’s sextile with the Descending Node

Considering that the aspect unites two fictitious points, there is no strict prohibition on succeeding due to talents in the house and sign where the White Moon stands. You can and should remember your skills from a past life, and just like in the case of the Ascending Node, explore family history to understand exactly what abilities brought success to the ancestors.

It’s just that you have to go further. Having reached certain heights in the business where the members of the clan succeeded, it is necessary to connect it with the mission of the North Node. Most often, life develops in such a way that without the development of the talents of the sextile Moon – South Node, a person cannot move to the next stage of development along the Ascending.

The second important point is that Selena is a guardian angel, but she can strictly ask someone who neglects her patronage or even abuses it. In the sphere of affairs of the house and the sign of the South Node, and especially Selena, one cannot show vanity, jealousy, money-grubbing, greed, and most importantly, it is forbidden to go head over heels towards the goal. Everything works the other way around here – you lose to your competitors, you get first place, you help the enemy, you win in all directions. Sextile Selena-South Node is the energy of early Christianity with the principles of the Sermon on the Mount. Observing them, you can be sure of the personal safety and protection of the White Moon.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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