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Jupiter sextile Lilith: freedom above all

When the Black Moon (Lilith) is in a positive aspect with the social planet, she transforms her vampirism into adventurism and generously endows the native with it in matters of self-realization in society. Jupiter can hardly be called a revolutionary, but it is in this sextile that he becomes a rebel. The native believes that he knows everything in the world better than anyone, and immediately rushes into battle to prove it in practice. He does not accept any pressure, authorities and even advice, although the degree of excitement depends on additional aspects.

On the one hand, the positive energy of the sextile really helps him become a famous teacher in every sense of the word in areas of interest to him, and self-confidence attracts a retinue of enthusiastic fans, on the other hand, there is a danger of getting into a puddle due to excessive arrogance.

Problems and opportunities of sextile Jupiter – Lilith

Even if the Black Moon is softened by a positive aspect, its corrupting influence is only partially leveled. Such people give the impression of very important people, but only when they find themselves in society and at secular receptions. In ordinary life, the native may be simple and careless in clothes, but if he has a meeting in the highest circles or even a parent meeting, any event that involves going out to the public, he will immediately try to set an example of luxury and gloss.

This looks quite harmonious and beautiful at a high level of awareness with harmonious Venus and Jupiter, but if they are amazed and weak, then the person will seem like a parody of a representative of the desired circles of society. However, even in this case, they will notice him, get to know each other, make an interesting offer, because it is beneficial for Lilith to use even such Jupiterian energy.

The second problem of the seemingly successful aspect of the lucky ones is the illusion of permissiveness. There is such a nuance here: the sextile of Jupiter and the Black Moon initially supports the abuse of power. The native can take bribes, scheming, playing a double game in areas affected by the house aspect, and seems to get away with everything. But we must not forget that the retribution for the sins of the Black Moon occurs every 9 years, and especially during the period of the return of the Lunar nodes, which means that the collapse of the stable well-being of the native, unfamiliar with astrology, occurs suddenly and painfully.

This is exacerbated by the innate desire for freedom from other people’s advice, patronage and support. As soon as the native gets on his feet, gaining good financial income and authority in society, he often elevates himself above others. It is easy for him to take off financially and professionally, especially if Jupiter is on the MC or rules the 10th house, but when the whole world is turned upside down due to the abuse of his privileges, it turns out that there is no one around to help and support, because the native was confident in his stay at the top for all eternity.

Jupiter sextile positive influence – Lilith

If in negative aspects Lilith works like a “black hole”, creating a breakdown and a senseless leakage of energy, then in sextile she includes an inexhaustible interest in the topics of houses, and especially in the area where Jupiter stands. The native longs to be a pioneer and the main authority in this field, therefore he works tirelessly and strives for new and new heights, which, of course, has a positive effect on his career.

Thus, Jupiter here ceases to be an idle sybarite, with the exception of his weak position in Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn, when a person is afraid in advance that he will not be recognized as an expert, and even worse, ridiculed and humiliated. Fate gives him a lucky chance, and he misses opportunities because of the impostor complex. At the same time, he can also quietly dig deeply into a topic that is interesting to him, be a real connoisseur, but until he decides to leave his comfort zone, he will not see success.

The owners of the sextile Jupiter – Lilith are born scientists. They are interested in getting to the very essence of everything, and at the same time creating their own unique theory, and then confirming it in practice. If the native is engaged in politics, then he is working on the creation of new bills, in pedagogy he creates his own system of education.

One of the big temptations is the desire to experiment on people. This is not always bad, because the native wants to prove in practice the viability of his convictions, and his laws, the improvement of education systems, working conditions, and housing and communal services reforms do, for the most part, bring benefits. However, one mistake here is very expensive.

How to turn on the sextile Jupiter – Lilith

In any case, the sextile is an aspect of luck, and Jupiter is the planet of great happiness, so if the native works enthusiastically and acts in the theme of the house where Jupiter stands, he will easily achieve his goals. However, there is one condition. Both men and women equally badly tolerate the routine and the need to do boring, monotonous work. For example, they are enthusiastic about teaching, but they hate to draw up a curriculum, reporting, checking homework. Although such things will just create a powerful base on which they can build their unique system.

To overcome their aversion to routine duties, they need to present an inspiring picture of the ultimate goal for which all this is being done, and then the fire of passion will turn on the positive energy of the sextile again.

In addition, a person needs to really be an expert in order not to be branded as a fanfaron, and for this you need to constantly improve your skills, learn and not neglect the advice of knowledgeable people, and especially those who have already achieved success in an area of interest to the native. A great advantage to the owner of the sextile Jupiter – Lilith will give the study of esotericism, including astrology. His talisman is yellow sapphire .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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