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Selena (White Moon) without aspects

Through aspects, in all the symbolic diversity of people and events, the world enriches the planet with new stages of life experience and involves the native in them. If there are no such connections, the difficult path of a lonely seeker lies ahead. The people themselves reject the help of others and do not see favorable opportunities. The only way to print a planet without aspects is to consciously study its properties and use them through internal resistance.

Selena (White Moon) is not a planet, but a fictitious point, an image of a light force and a kind of guardian angel. It prevents its owners from doing evil in the sphere of the house in which they are located, and keeps them from major troubles. In principle, even without aspects, it will act this way, but people will not notice Selena’s help and support. It is as if they are cut off from the channel of communication with the subtle world, and even if serious troubles pass by, they will not fix it in their minds, while envying others, who, as they think, are always lucky. Such people do not value their own happiness.

Features of the influence of Selena without aspects on fate

Some astrologers, in principle, deny the influence of Selena and do not pay attention to its aspects, and even if it is without aspects, they do not attach any importance at all. Why is this happening? The influence of the White Moon is often imperceptible, or is realized after many years when analyzing life events.

Selena is the guardian angel of its owners, but its influence is peculiar. Far from always, White Moon protects people from problems and suffering. Its action is not based on earthly justice. Sometimes it gives them the opportunity to drink the cup of choice to the dregs in order to face the consequences and thereby learn an important lesson.

Sometimes Selena really does not allow them to commit a sin along the line of the house where they stand. For example, a girl goes on a date with a man she is in love with, but does not yet know that he only intends to seduce her and nothing more. Selena will prevent this meeting, up to the creation of an illness or dislocation of the leg (White Moon in the 5th or 7th house).

The young man wants to appropriate money that does not belong to him, believing that he is being unfairly offended at work and will not lose his boss. It is Selena who will make sure that he is found at the crime scene (White Moon in the 2nd house).

The difference between Selena without aspects is that it turns on unpredictably in such situations. That is, intervention from above occurs spontaneously, unexpectedly for the native, and as a rule, very rarely in really dangerous situations that threaten health, safety and life.

Aspected Selena works in specific niches. For example, if there is a connection with the 6th house, doctors or even pets will be the savior angels, with the 8th – the rich or psychics. Selena without aspects creates miracles, but it is not known when and with what this will be connected. Most often this happens at the end of each 7-year cycle, but if there are no emotionally significant events, then the native may not feel the power of the light karma of the clan.

Three types of influence of Selena without aspects

People often do not notice the influence of Selena, because they are focused on solving material issues. If something is easy, they say that they are lucky in certain matters. But the White Moon without aspects does not reveal such a pattern. Especially if the owners of the horoscope themselves are  rather mundane people, far from subtle matters and spiritual quests.

Therefore, when interpreting Selena without aspects, it is necessary to determine how developed people are and track the regular events that occur in life every 7 years. In the first few cycles, there could be some kind of warning or miraculous salvation, depending on the position of the White Moon in a particular house. A spiritually developed individuals will mark this period of time as an important time that influenced the choice of a life path, while  simpler ones will not notice any relationships.

There are three types of Selena’s influence without aspects on life:

1. Inferior: people with a blocked conscience. Selena without aspects here is very deep and it is very difficult for it to reach its owners. They have no feelings of guilt, compassion, desire to help. Literally from scratch, it is necessary to develop empathy in them, but if they were born in a marginal family, then most likely such people will be  cold narcissists, ready to sweep everyone out of the way. Selena’s position without aspects will work here as an unexpected punishment if its owners persist in breaking the law, but it is ready to help when its individuals want to live differently.

2. Medium: people in this level do not believe in goodness, love, selflessness, however, they came into this world in order to recognize them, to believe and to generate bright emotions in the world around them. Everything is complicated by the lack of faith in a higher power. Selena turns on unpredictably, and the owners of such a horoscope sometimes do not see instant and concrete help in response to their requests. White Moon comes, but in the form of dream-prompts, new friends and favorable opportunities, but the native looks past them.

3. Higher: man is the embodiment of Kant’s idea of the moral law inside and the starry sky above the head. Such people are guided by their system of kindness and eternal values, they try to do good, but keep it a secret.

The key to activating Selena without aspects is to experience pure, bright, but very strong emotions in the sphere of the house where it stands, and most importantly, to create good at the call of the soul without expecting a reward.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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