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Selena (White Moon) in the 11th house

An indicator of light karma and merits before the Divine powers is Selena, or more simply – the White Moon. The planet is considered invisible, but its healing mystical effect is very noticeable in the life of  natives, if they show a desire to do good as disinterestedly as in past lives, when wanderers, friends and associates were saved or rewarded thanks to the kindness of these owners of the horoscope.

Selena’s position in the 11th house is one of the strongest: in a critical situation, the invisible forces of the Universe will come to the rescue, deflecting a bullet, destroying intrigue and gossip, and quite material helpers – friends, teachers and relatives, ready to lend a solid shoulder. These owners of a harmonious White Moon in the 11th house are inspired by high spiritual aspirations and ideas that they express in an original, but not pretentious way, delighting others with the courage of innovative thinking and bright creativity.

Influence of Selena in the 11th house on fate

Friendship is a source of light, happiness and success: such natives are excellent comrades who live by the noble principles of honor and loyalty, therefore it attracts like-minded people with a burning gaze and noble heart, who want to leave a mark on history and achieve much.

Friends born under the zodiac sign of the 11th house will be especially close in spirit, and it is with them that these natives will do the greatest number of good deeds. It is dangerous if Lilith is in the same sector, because then some friends will become wolves in sheep’s clothing, or under the pretext of being involved in a noble project, such people will become dependent on imaginary comrades. In other cases, Selena in the 11th house keeps the owners of the horoscope from being deceived by loved ones, provided that they themselves remain faithful friends and assistants to the people who have trusted them, determining the qualities of character and fateful circumstances:

  • full of interesting ideas designed to improve the world, in an unusual form of presentation, brilliant intelligence and tenacious memory;
  • original rhetorical style: catchy gestures, inventing new words, artistry of public speaking;
  • patronage of teachers, sponsors, politicians, scientists, standing in a higher position than these natives, and the support of colleagues;
  • friends are the best representatives of the human race: reliable, loyal and creative;
  • a vivid sense of humor with an intellectual color: the wit amuses everyone or destroys the arrogant insolent in one word, without adding a single drop of obscenity;
  • high social status, regardless of the circumstances of the beginning of life, with access to a team that will help to achieve the main goals;
  • attracting the necessary information, preventing dangerous situations with the help of knowledge;
  • success in freelancing, media, electronics, Internet projects, useful and life-transforming communication with foreign friends and like-minded people.

A friendly and business partnership determines the success of such natives in any area, including love and marriage, especially in the 5th and 7th house aspects.

Selena’s three karmic levels in the 11th house

White Moon favors the future-oriented activities of the wards: the organization of social movements and political parties designed to defend high ideals, as well as work with the use of new electronics, the creation of Internet communities where they will find true friends, life companions and associates. However, the support of the Divine forces will be felt only if the light karmic program is observed, in direct proportion to the level of spiritual development:

1. Lower – such person do not know how to say “no” in the desire to please others and deserve the friendship that they dream of. They are attracted by beautiful, bright personalities. Sometimes mistakenly endowing them with noble features, they seek to approach the ideal, performing double work or sacrificing principles for the sake of the favor of friends. Without an inner spiritual core, their talents are used by others for selfish purposes, and when they achieve a high status, these natives find themselves in an empty society, where they do not receive sincere relations and recognition.

2. Medium – a brilliant career, success and support accompany, from school to the end of life. The transformation of fate goes through a constantly expanding circle of friends, the help of influential persons, the materialization of bold ideas. Obstacles disappear, authority in society grows, the flow of bestowal and receiving of energy is constantly working.

3. Higher – these natives themselves become patrons of the arts, patrons of talented people, attracting enlightened and wise like-minded people. They become the leaders of social movements that improve the lives of people on the planet.

Children with Selena in the 11th house are talented extroverts who need big companies and an active social life: attending theaters, festivals, concerts. Parents need to help them develop creatively and intellectually by organizing a supportive audience to build confidence in their work.

Important aspects with planets

In the presence of the Sun in the 11th house or favorable aspects of the White Moon with it, the natives stand out favorably in any society with external nobility, leadership inclinations and bright charisma, and provided that there is a harmonious connection with Mercury, and also a well-delivered speech, the ability to beautifully express the seething in their mind ideas.

Good configurations with Venus and the Moon increase the subconscious sympathy of society for the owners of Selene, with Uranus – make them  reformers and discoverers, with Pluto – a magnetically attractive actors or politicians. The tense aspects foreshadow many difficulties in partnership, requiring firmness from these natives in adhering to the bright program of the White Moon.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 11th House:


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