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Selena (White Moon) in the 3rd house

The White Moon, called by astrologers Selena, appears in that area of ​​the horoscope where in past reincarnations most of all good, and most importantly, disinterested deeds were accumulated. In this incarnation, the owners of such Selena fall into a stream of happiness and good luck on the subjects of the house and the sign, however, the demand from them will be great. It is necessary to observe the purity of thoughts, to continue to adhere to the path of Light, so as not to lose the protection of the guardian angel, whose loyalty is checked every seven years.

The White Moon in the 3rd house is one of the best positions, as it bestows success and protection in several areas of life at once: school years, work with information, relationships with relatives and neighbors, as well as business trips, travel and driving. Men and women with Selene in the 3rd house seem to be connected to the Universal information base, the necessary knowledge comes from everywhere, even from random phrases and headings of Internet articles. The main thing is to learn to resonate with the high-frequency energy of the guardian angel of the horoscope.

Influence of the White Moon in the 3rd house on fate

The karmic task of the owners of Selena in the 3rd house is to be  conductors of information that changes the world for the better and to prevent the spread of lies, horrors, and violence that disfigure the soul, both through the media and in everyday conversations. In the presence of Lilith in Gemini or Aquarius, especially if it falls into the same 3rd sector, there will be strong temptations to use the gift of information management for the sake of quick profit and popularity.

The White Moon will at first prevent this, and then step back, leaving these natives under the rubble of a once honest name. Therefore, it is important for carriers of Selena in the 3rd house to know what gifts of the guardian angel must be protected and strengthened with good deeds:

  • quick thinking, the ability to juggle intellectual best practices, quickly read and process information;
  • ease of communication with representatives of all social strata, the ability to please during a conversation and quickly establish friendly and business contacts;
  • Inuition on the verge of clairvoyance: the natives foresee all scenarios for the development of events, choosing the most successful and anticipating a reaction to the information given to them;
  • the necessary knowledge is attracted from all sides, warm sincere relations with close relatives, brother and sister are karmic patrons through whom revelation comes;
  • protection from gossip, intrigue, damage, accidents on the road, life gives chances for success through random fellow travelers and neighbors;
  • creative and business collaboration brings peace of mind, promoting intellectual growth.

School for children with Selena in the 3rd house is a source of joyful and bright emotions. With a harmonious position of the angel’s point – successful study, a prosperous environment and support for abilities, but even with a negative aspect, there will be a defender among classmates who will ward off trouble.

Three karmic steps of the White Moon in the 3rd house

The word is the native’s main trump card and weapon. Such individuals easily resurrect hope and faith in the souls of those who survived the tragedy, inspire the crowd to a feat, or just make good money in journalism and fiction. The main thing is to avoid themes of evil and violence, striving to awaken light in the hearts of readers. But with a strong Lilith and tense aspects of other planets, these owners of Selena in the 3rd house kill others through the word, at the same time destroying their own luck. The level of spiritual development depends on how much white karma is manifested:

1. Lower – individuals enjoy the possession of information and influence on the fate of people, feeling omnipotence. Selena will deflect the possibility of selfish use of this gift, revealing the intrigues of the natives, but over time they can learn to skillfully manipulate fate and opinions. Relatives and colleagues unknowingly seek to help make dreams come true. They write for the sake of fashionable trends, not thinking about the influence of creativity on readers (detectives with murder scenes, horror films), just to make money. Reckless on the roads, knowing about yheir invulnerability.

2. Medium – eloquence, sociability, warm relations with relatives, help from neighbors and many friends. These natives are the soul of the company; they will find a kind word for everyone. A wonderful bosses who know how to inspire to accomplishments with fiery speeches and creative energy. In speech, they follow the words, ignoring swear words, because their use comes with a breakdown and trouble. Careful when driving a car. Spiritually enlightened brothers and sisters support and save in difficult situations.

3. Higher – psychologists and writers of spiritual literature, teachers who teach the power of words and the management of fate through affirmations and concentration of mental energy on the desired. They transform the fate of followers, transferring from the black to the bright one.

At any level of development, such natives are protected from the effects of verbal curses and gossip. Even defiant behavior, others prefer to ignore, rather than discuss.

Important aspects of Selena in the 3rd house with planets

The influence of the guardian angel is less noticeable in the earthly element and is enhanced in air signs, especially if there are favorable connections between the White Moon in the 3rd house with Mercury, providing an elegant syllable, the ability to concentrate on topics of interest and attract the sympathy of the audience.

Such people are favored by colleagues and younger relatives, and if there are harmonious aspects with Saturn, they are also older in these categories. If Jupiter joins the union, then these natives will have the gift of communicating on equal terms with the bearers of power and attracting the support of higher officials. The tense relationship with Mercury gives haste in statements, the language becomes the enemy of its owner, and with Chiron it does not exclude recklessness on the road in order to show off.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 3rd House:


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