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Selena (White Moon) in the 2nd house

White Moon (Selena) – the guardian angel of the horoscope shows in which area of ​​life the ancestors of people acted most piously and correctly. In this area of ​​activity, success, happiness and support of the Higher Forces will always be accompanied, especially if such people emit high-frequency energy vibrations that correspond to the highest qualities of the horoscope sector where the White Moon is located, and feeds the light karma of the clan.

The owners of Selena in the 2nd house were themselves altruistic benefactors in a past life, generously helping the disadvantaged and healing the sick, so now they are easily given financial resources to satisfy material desires, housing in a beautiful and cozy place, a healthy body with high energy tone and fast metabolism substances. However, the guardian angel not only bestows, but checks for selflessness and generosity in the most incredible ways.

Influence of the White Moon in the 2nd house on fate and finances

Selena’s rotation cycle is 7 years, after which a transition to the next level of success occurs, if these natives do not become dependent on money, rejoice in financial well-being and do not block the flow of luck with envy, resentment, fears. Holders of the White Moon in the 2nd house should be as honest as possible in money matters.

It is important to remember that observing the laws of conscience and justice on the path of Light, they will always be provided with living space and everything they need. At first, they will not be able to deceive someone, even with a strong desire, because the planet-keeper of light karma protects the ward from evil, even if for this it is necessary to expose  machinations and bring this evil to justice.

In the presence of Lilith in Taurus or in the 8th house, selfish temptations may arise to use luck to turn wealth into luxury, therefore it is important to correspond to the bright directions of the White Moon in the 2nd house, developing:

  • benevolence, generosity, willingness to share, treat, give, not necessarily something significant, but sincerely and from the heart, especially if these are the fruits of the native’s own labor;
  • physical health: it is important to adhere to proper nutrition, do not touch cigarettes and alcohol, exercise regularly;
  • financial literacy in order to be able to grow capital not only for oneself, but also for the fulfillment of the karmic task of helping others;
  • medical knowledge, at least at the level of first aid, or herbal medicine, healing oriental practices, yoga and qigong;
  • mercy, the ability to rejoice at a little, a high spiritual level with the understanding that people are wanderers in the world and gold cannot be taken to the grave;
  • talents and abilities in the field of applied arts, artistic craftsmanship and handicraft, which bring guaranteed material success.

Children with a White Moon in the 2nd house easily find ways to provide themselves with comfortable conditions. The people around them unconsciously try to put them at the best desk, treat them, give them something pleasant. It is important to instill in them gratitude and the need to make a reciprocal pleasant gesture.

Three karmic levels of the White Moon in the 2nd house

Thanks to the protection and support of the angels in the affairs of the second house, the individuals get used to constant wealth and satisfaction of desires. They are especially good at trading, applied art (cabinetmakers, jewelers, decorators), agriculture, architecture, real estate and banking. The degree of spiritual development of the owners of Selena in the 2nd house is directly proportional to their material wealth and the nature of the events associated with them:

1. The lowest – with a harmonious position, these owners of Selena are contented with modest income and do not rush to the heavens for the firebird. They are very careful in financial spending, allocate funds wisely and do not risk investing in dubious enterprises, preferring stable comfort. In the negative – the desire to squeeze everything out of luck, using machinations and appropriating the means or fruits of the work of other people in creativity, or destroying rivals in order to rise. Innate nobility fights vanity, creating a sense of guilt, which ultimately leads to the collapse of reputation and fortune in one of the seven-year cycles. It is interesting that they do not completely deprive them of money and they will always be enough for a modest decent existence.

2. Average – health, prosperity, genetically correct attitude to finances: it is easy to receive, to give without problems. Lack of attachment to material goods, they come regularly to ensure the spiritual and creative growth of people. Having decided on a vocation, doing work that brings true pleasure, these natives may not care about food and housing. Higher powers provide them themselves, provided they are honest.

3. The highest – spiritual teachers who dedicated their lives to philosophical pursuits, surrendering to divine grace. Gurus of Eastern teachings, healers, priests. They do not think about the material, distributing the surplus to the poor and content with little in order to maintain the body and spirit in health.

Selena in the 2nd house sometimes symbolizes financial well-being thanks to a spouse, or it is a sign of a caring and practical partner.

Important aspects of the White Moon in the 2nd house

With a favorable aspect of the guardian angel of light karma through connections with the Sun and Jupiter, the prospect of high-level wealth is quite likely, especially if one of the planets is in the 8th house, but the conditions for maintaining well-being in this case become more stringent. The slightest step away from truth and justice, and gold will turn to dust.

Harmonious configuration with Venus bestows almost eternal youth, flexibility, success in creativity, with Mars – good health, endurance, profit through agricultural labor, and a tense relationship with them – the temptation of sensual pleasures, senseless spending, aggression in the matter of money. Any connection with Saturn leads to a limitation of the needs or opportunities of the native in the field of earnings.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in 2nd House:


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