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Conjunction Chiron – Lilith: two-faced Janus

The combination of two fictitious points should not be ignored. As a rule, by themselves they set the emotional direction for the movement of energy in the house and sign, or in aspect with the planet reveal its vulnerability and undeveloped generic programs.

However, when Lilith (Black Moon) and Chiron unite, it is impossible not to notice their double impact, because the first is associated with the secret fears of the subconscious and the sins of the past life, and the second symbolizes the spiritual wounds and upheavals experienced by both the native himself and his ancestors. A person himself does not understand why the themes of the house and the sign cause him primal fear and dull pain, and this may be an echo of generic problems. And only astrology will help them to realize and work through.

Features of the influence of the connection Lilith – Chiron

Man is characterized by duplicity, resourcefulness, incredible artistry. He is able to play any role, transform into any character to shield himself or get something he wants, from explaining why he was late to class or to interview for a prestigious position without having enough experience. The owner of the aspect will invent amazing stories as evidence, and everyone will believe him.

However, it does so in 2 cases:

  • in order to avoid punishment, because in childhood he was severely, and most importantly, unfairly punished, and this deep fear prompts him to save himself;
  • out of love for the art of lying, in order to feel its power, since Chiron, in merger with Lilith, does not allow one to feel self-confidence, it seems that others underestimate, and by manipulating them, it is pleasant to feel like the main one in this game.

If the aspect is in the signs of Gemini and Aquarius, then the temptation to engage in fraud professionally is great, especially when there is any connection of Chiron or the Black Moon with Mercury, and also Saturn is weak in the chart. The native realizes early on that his artistry, skill at lying and sleight of hand make it easy to take what he wants and conduct people like in an orchestra.

The owners of the Chiron-Lilith connection can be called two-faced, but they are not always the devil’s advocates, although they can really perfectly understand the motives of the criminal and justify his actions. They just feel the interlocutor’s expectations well and say what he is pleased to hear.

If there is a lot of fire in the map and Saturn is strong, then it is easier for a person to restrain himself, and he consciously redirects these “talents” into creativity: he writes novels, plays in the theater, puts on performances.

Also, the connection of Chiron with Lilith contributes to the “sticking” of a person on the topics of the house. If it is in the 1st – the own person becomes a vulnerable spot and the person cannot stand criticism, tries to overestimate his importance, in the 2nd – a painful attitude towards money, in the 4th – to parents and the situation in the house, in the 5th – to love and creativity, in the 7th – to a husband or wife.

A person perceives any failure in these areas as a non-healing wound that really prevents him from living and perceiving other areas of activity adequately. The topic of the sector affected by the aspect becomes a real mania.

The positive influence of the connection Lilith-Chiron

The native is a born artist. If there is no scene in his life, at least as a hobby, he begins to play different roles in reality, otherwise he is simply bored. Even without the necessary knowledge, he transforms into an erudite expert and captivates the employer with clever speeches based on the only fact known to the native. This helps to get a job and pass the exam on pure Chironian adventurism, and only then dive deeper into the topic.

The native also has other talents:

  • the gift of a science fiction writer, and plunging into imaginary worlds, he can inadvertently predict the future;
  • a fruitful, lively philosophical mind, with equal curiosity knowing both the dark and bright sides of being;
  • acting and healing abilities, incredible plasticity, musicality;
  • the ability to foresee developments in business and finance, especially if the aspect is in an earth sign.

A person with a Lilith-Chiron connection has luck in the themes of the house and sign, unless Chiron is retrograde, but in any case, he has incredible vitality in difficult conditions. He will get out of any difficult situation, even if he is caught red-handed, especially if the aspect is in an air sign.

How to harmonize Lilith-Chiron conjunction

It is important for the native to realize that sometimes he himself does not know his true beliefs. His opinion is often based on the views of other people, he adapts to them on a subconscious level. You need to understand what personal support is and what system of values is in priority, and only then consciously give people what they want without losing yourself.

Chiron is very fond of everything non-standard and original, and in order to bring the aspect to the highest floor through him, the native should choose a hobby that contrasts with his main activity: a military man can paint pictures, a surgeon can do oriental dances, a teacher can study astrology and herbal medicine.

It will be useful for any person to engage in Chironian areas for the benefit of themselves and loved ones: yoga, music (playing any musical instrument, Reiki, chakrology and gemology, participation in campaigns to save the environment.

It is necessary to give up gossip, not to hurt other people, unless it is required by self-defense, not to give up and not become embittered by failure, and also always make a choice in favor of good.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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