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Chiron conjunct Moon. Search for magic

Chiron is the key to a different reality, which is presented to the native in dreams and dreams, but they are extremely rarely realized in the material world. However, it cannot be said that this is impossible for the owners of the connection of the mysterious asteroid with the Moon, if it is strong and harmonious. Chiron shows that it is necessary to expand the principles of the planet in an original, innovative way, without fear of ridicule, ignorance and misunderstanding.

Most of the owners of the conjunction of the Moon and Chiron seem strange to people, out of this world, childishly selfish and infantile, but there are always those who want to take care of them, enjoying the original thinking and deep sensuality of a partner.

Positive influence of Chiron-Moon conjunction

The aspect endows the native with some magical delicacy, deep intuition, telepathy and the ability to foresee the course of events. A person knows in advance who will call him or meet him on the way home. He sees prophetic dreams and perfectly understands animals, signs of nature, has the gift of a healer, especially if the Moon is in the 6th house.

With a position in the 1st, 8th and 12th houses, one can speak of clairvoyance and extrasensory perception, but such talents rarely bring happiness. The people around tend to use the native for selfish purposes, and the person himself is overwhelmed by opposite desires and aspirations. If he succumbs to selfish impulses, he becomes the plaything of more practical and cruel forces.

Pronounced features of the Chiron-Moon conjunction:

  • deep religiosity or personal philosophy based on one’s own esoteric experience;
  • strong attachment to mother and copying her exotic hobbies and character traits, such as adventurism, hobbies for healing, astrology, magic, or choosing the same unusual profession that she had;
  • sensitivity to the suffering of other people, empathy, pity;
  • original taste preferences and the talent of a culinary innovator.

The combination of the Moon and Chiron does not give special creativity, but it gives sensitivity, accuracy in the execution of creative tasks, and musicality. This gives good luck in professions that require monotonous routine preparatory work. Later, the owners of the horoscope are admired for their ease of execution and craftsmanship. These are excellent magicians, musicians, doctors, hypnologists, palmists, astrologers, acupuncturists.

The negative impact of the conjunction of the Moon and Chiron

The native has strange quirks and hobbies that often get on the nerves of others. This is collecting something unusual, choosing an odious place of residence, exotic philosophy. If the Moon is strongly affected by other aspects, the person is a potential client of the sect. Neptune is especially dangerous here, blurring consciousness and drawing you into the world of dreams. The owner of the connection Moon – Chiron considers himself a hero, but in reality they laugh at him.

The second danger is the emergence of complex diseases that are difficult to treat with classical medicine, but they are given in the case when the native is able to heal himself. As a rule, in the process, the medical talents of the owner of the horoscope are revealed.

At a low level of development, a person sees the weaknesses of others and often makes fun of them. The karmic law later puts him in conditions where evil is already joking with him.

Moon-Chiron conjunction in synastry

The compatibility map is very important for building harmonious relationships in any partnership, friendship, love, teamwork. The connection of Chiron-Moon in the synastry does not pass without a trace for each member of the union. As a rule, the owner of the planetoid is more involved in this connection, because he intuitively feels the huge emotional potential of his partner. In this regard, he draws inspiration, energy, ideas, and he just feels good around him.

If both people are spiritually developed and strong, then the ward of the Moon finds in the Chironian the missing sense of humor, penetrating abilities, practical ingenuity, and in return gives unconditional love.

Unfortunately, if the owner of Chiron is far from ideal, he will pump out energy from the lunar partner no worse than a vampire, provoke emotional outbursts, tantrums, quarrels, manipulating through guilt. The owner of the Moon can also harm the Chironian, passionately wanting to gain the upper hand. Therefore, when the Moon-Chiron connection occurs in the synastry, it is important to carefully monitor the motives of the partner and not turn a blind eye to such behavior.

Working out the Luna-Chiron connection

The aspect is perfectly manifested in the life of the native, subject to the development of psychic and healing abilities. It is important to study psychology, astrology, any esoteric discipline. If there is a desire to engage in herbal medicine, acupuncture, energy practices, this is not accidental and will certainly come in handy in life.

The relationship with the mother is very important. If they are bad, harmony must be restored, otherwise many favorable opportunities will remain blocked. You can’t make fun of your mother’s interests and hobbies, it’s better to delve into them and try to understand: what problems of the kind they help to solve.

The task of the native is to materialize magic in the real world, to transfer it from fantasy land to the physical plane of being. This may be the profession of an illusionist, actor, writer, but also the specialty of a doctor, folk healer, psychotherapist.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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