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Chiron-Mars conjunction. thorny path war

Chiron is a teacher who gives lessons in a playful way: encourages a person to play different roles so as not to devalue all aspects of life. Especially vividly and sensually is learning in conjunction with other planets. Chiron – duality in its purest form, forces its partner to show both the positive and the shadow side in the life of the native, shuffling circumstances and events like a deck of cards.

Mars itself is a complex and ambiguous planet. In addition to decisiveness, courage and sexuality, it manifests itself through aggression and violence. A person is thrown from one extreme to another, he understands that he becomes a toy in the hands of certain forces and unconsciously seeks a teacher or mentor who will help curb mood swings or outbursts of anger. In the affairs of the house and the sign, where there is a conjunction of Mars and Chiron, the native wants to behave boldly and recklessly to the point of madness, which can raise him to the pinnacle of success, but also overthrow him from the pedestal.

Positive influence of Mars-Chiron conjunction

If the owner of the horoscope is lucky to meet a noble and strong-willed teacher, he will go the right way and make fewer mistakes, curbing his changeable explosive temperament. The fact is that, as a rule, the native is unusually strong physically, and this allows him to solve problems with his fists instead of the Chironian confusing the interlocutor with pseudo-logic and various knowledge, and this already includes the secondary quality of Chiron – legality.

Even fighting for justice, succumbing to Martian impulsiveness, the native falls under sanctions, but if he first turns on his head and thinks out ways to retreat or self-defense, he will become a hero in the eyes of the public.

Men and women with the conjunction of Chiron and Mars are able to convey their views and thoughts to people through a personal illustrative example.

They want to appear as invulnerable superheroes, and because of this, they themselves sometimes attract confrontations with aggressive people in order to rush into battle and win. Almost always in personal relationships they are not as passionate and noble as it seems from the outside, therefore, for happiness in personal life, it is very important to develop Venus.

The uncertainty and doubts that the native experiences at the location of the aspect encourage him to look for ways to solve this problem, to increase activity, which almost always leads to self-development and growth of professionalism, especially if Chiron is strong enough, for example, in Libra in the 9th house, and smoothes out bursts of emotions Mars. Fortunately, such a connection also gives quickness, the ability to quickly change, adapting to changing circumstances, and if you add immediate action to the rapid Chironian analysis of various information, success is ensured in any field of activity where you need to be able to think quickly and make decisions.

The negative impact of Mars-Chiron conjunction

Ideally, the native is able to quickly respond to changes in the mood of the interlocutor and the team, instantly adjusting to new circumstances. In fact, most often this is just what those around do, because the undeveloped personal red planet, bifurcating under the influence of Chiron, swings the emotional swing to the skies.

Much depends on the position of the aspect in the horoscope. People with a Mars-Chiron conjunction in Pisces, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius will certainly be less dangerous in an outburst of irritation than the wards of the fire element, but passive aggression is destructive for themselves. They can make a scandal, but then they will exhaust themselves with psychoanalysis and doubts on the topic: how can I do this and what came over me.

Mars-Chiron conjunction in synastry

Mars symbolizes the desired man in a girl’s life. If in the horoscope of the synastry, the female Mars connects with the man’s Chiron, he will twist ropes from it. No matter how strange and complicated he is, she will follow him to the ends of the earth, but if the spouse cannot give her enough passion and witty conversations on sensitive topics, the girl will begin to dominate the relationship and humiliate her partner.

When a woman’s Chiron connects with a man’s Mars, he becomes the only one for her, and the need for love, attention and recognition on his part will be both the greatest happiness and an obsession in a negative scenario. If both partners are developed, then there will be both passion and fidelity in marriage, and they will not bother each other.

Working out the Mars-Chiron connection

For the harmonious implementation of the aspect, it will be necessary to maintain a balance between intellectual and physical development. The dominant from one side or another will immediately turn on one of the planets to the detriment of the first.

You can’t just go to sports or study, but do them in parallel. Meanwhile, the owners of the Mars-Chiron connection are ideal sports judges and commentators, thanks to the speed of reactions and the ability to predict the course of events. For the same reason, they should be team play forwards or team captains, because the combination of body and mind intuition will allow them to make amazing multi-moves.

The wards of the conjunction of Chiron with Mars tend to make enemies due to stubbornness and straightforward statements of a personal position on issues that are acute for all, so if Mars has additional danger signifiers, you need to be able to keep silent or understand the point of view of the interlocutor.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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