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Chiron conjunct Mercury. nimble rogue

The asteroid Chiron is named after the hero of ancient Greek myths, the wise centaur, the teacher of all the famous seekers of truth of that time. He relied on the development of their uniqueness, flexibility of thinking, the ability to find a way out even from a situation in which there is none. In astrology, roughly the same thing happens: Chiron expands the principles of the planet participating in the aspect, forcing the native to know its energy in unusual and unusual ways for everyone.

Chiron-Mercury Conjunction is one of the strongest, because Mercury is also responsible for erudition, cunning, dexterity and intellectual talents. Nativ is incredibly interested in studying the thinking of different people, including criminals. He can infiltrate various social groups, even play a homeless person in order to understand the way of thinking and internal motives of behavior and write a scientific dissertation on this topic. However, such games are often dangerous for the integrity of his own thinking.

The positive influence of the connection Chiron-Mercury

With good karma and a strong position of Mercury, a person impresses with the ability to keep the smallest facts and details in his head, skillfully juggling a lot of things.

The owners of the Chiron-Mercury conjunction are ideal referent secretaries who can navigate the flow of chaos without looking and find the right piece of paper in the time pressure of worries. Thanks to the innate flexibility and resourcefulness of the mind, they can make a career as a diplomat, translator, assistant leader, and they will not be lost in freelancing, especially if there are additional aspects with Uranus.

Interesting and striking features of the positive influence of the Mercury-Chiron conjunction:

  • the ability to anticipate the course of events by comparing facts (this is not clairvoyance, but rather heightened logic, when from one detail they unfold a whole scenario of the past or future: excellent forensic investigators, archaeologists, linguists, historians;
  • a servant of two masters and two-faced Janus, hiding his own opinion, but skillfully adjusting to others in order to increase loyalty to himself;
  • acting gift – will play any role, can imitate the manner of speech of another person and even change outwardly, thanks to mobile and expressive facial expressions;
  • information and energy goes through the fingers: it is worth touching a person or thing, such hypersensitivity makes the native a wonderful diagnostician, esoteric, medium, doctor of any direction.

Brilliantly playing roles, the owner of the Mercury-Chiron conjunction often does not separate himself from them, each time deeply getting used to the proposed circumstances, which is not always safe for the psyche, so an intuitive passion for psychology and psychosomatics becomes a panacea for big problems.

Negative influence of Mercury-Chiron conjunction

The proverb about the curious Varvara was invented just about the native. He cares about everything, just at a high level of development he knows how to subtly hide it, pretending to be uninterested, and if he is a simple person, then without pretense he will listen to other people’s conversations, open mail, view personal correspondence.

He dreams of finding stability in the multitude of information flows around him, believing that the more he knows, the stronger he is protected. However, in fact, the opposite is true: a lot of knowledge is a big problem. If at a high level of energy of the aspect he is a skilled diplomat, at a low level of consciousness he is a spy working for ours and yours, an unscrupulous double-minded swindler. He will easily convince himself that he was forced to commit a crime and it is possible that he will be able to assure the court of this and avoid punishment. Easily deceiving others in trifles, sometimes he imposes false information on himself, which he sincerely believes in, even realizing in the depths of his soul that it is far from the truth.

Mercury-Chiron conjunction in synastry

The compatibility map shows how strongly certain aspects between the planets will affect the level of sympathy, friendship, love between partners. Chiron is often seen as the key to emotional connection. He points to the principles of the planet of connection, which need to be expanded in the process of communication. Sometimes this happens quite painfully if the partner with Mercury does not understand the original and somewhat perverted thinking of the Chironian.

Initially, there will be a very strong mental attraction, a firework of emotions of an intellectual community, when both members of the union understand each other from a half-word and half-hint. In the future, everything depends on the position of Mercury. In the elements of earth and air, it is easier to maintain a common outline of mental attraction. If Mercury is in water signs, it will be more difficult to understand the logic of Chiron, his humor can hurt and hurt, and a quick change in behavior patterns can be confusing.

Working out the Chiron-Mercury conjunction

Sometimes this aspect gives a delay in speech and mental development, if Mercury has other negative aspects with Uranus and Saturn, he himself is in the 1st, 3rd or 12th house, so from childhood you need to pay attention to fine motor skills, the development of speech and intelligence, because through the use of non-traditional methods of assistance, this problem is easily worked out. Performances in the theater, music and dance classes, stage movement are suitable.

A vivid example of the study of the Chiron-Mercury connection is the ancient Greek orator Demosthenes, who defeated stuttering and speech retardation by constant training on the seashore.

It is important for a native to develop logic, increase IQ, choose the most non-standard and unusual way of solving problems and always rely on his humor, intelligence and flexible psychological adjustment to the interlocutor.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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