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Chiron conjunct Neptune. New thinking

The connection is difficult to unequivocally call a positive or negative aspect. This is a mutual or variable strengthening of the qualities of the planets, but where the native directs this power depends on the level of his awareness and spirituality. Especially when it comes to the no less mysterious than Chiron , but larger higher planet Neptune .

A similar aspect immediately affects a group of people born in a certain period of time, therefore its main characteristic feature is the gift of suggestion and hypnosis, confidence in one’s chosenness and divinity gave rise to a whole galaxy of false prophets and organizers of totalitarian sects, for example, the community of Vissarion and others like him in 90s. However, with such supernatural empathy and extrasensory perception, you can also do a lot of good things, being a real missionary, healer, teacher, actor.

Positive influence of Chiron-Neptune conjunction

The aspect appears during periods of change in the thinking of a whole generation, when the worldview of millions in relation to religion, medicine, the philosophy of personal and state relations is gradually but radically changing, or a person with a connection contributes to this, dragging thousands of adherents with him. It is difficult to say here who is more influential: the unpredictable and paradoxical Chiron or the mysterious illusionist and dreamer Neptune.

The ability of the first to lead a person beyond the boundaries of the tangible world and his own consciousness merges with the boundless fantasy and limitlessness of the possibilities of the second. The native is able to make a lot of discoveries and show them to people, if he himself is not carried away into the world of dreams to the ends.

Chiron calls to unite the lower and higher principles in oneself, and in alliance with Neptune, this will have to be done through creativity and spiritual development. All new currents of psychotherapy, astrology, acupuncture, dream management, energy therapy, Reiki, neurographics and other esoteric directions appeared on the physical plane not without the help of aspect carriers. In fact, these are not their inventions, but they have become conduits for valuable knowledge to come from subtle planes.

In astrology, Chiron is considered responsible for healing, and one of the functions of Neptune is anesthesia, for example, at the end of the 19th century, the American dentist Morton used anesthesia for the first time. Art also has a similar effect: many directors, musicians, actors, writers took the audience to the land of dreams with their creativity.

Negative influence of Chiron-Neptune conjunction

The aspect contributed to the popularization of hidden human abilities: speed reading, early development methods, alternative medicine through herbal medicine and energy practices, as well as such new areas as childbirth in water and infant swimming. At first glance, there is no danger in this, but many adherents of these movements rejected official medical care, falling under the spell of Neptune, which led to fatal consequences.

The main insidiousness of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction is in understanding its power over the human consciousness. If the native is not burdened with moral principles, he quickly realizes that he can easily charm the interlocutor, lull his vigilance and extract both valuable information and a bill from his pocket, or take an expensive watch off his hand.

Although, most often, the idea of being chosen is present even among scammers. Imagine yourself as Robin Hood, it is easier to manifest Neptunian power.

Chiron-Neptune conjunction in synastry

When a similar alliance occurs in the partner compatibility map, there are a lot of options for the development of events. It all depends on the level of awareness of the man and woman.

It could be a couple:

  • missionaries who left material wealth for the sake of spreading Christianity, literacy, saving cheetahs in Africa;
  • doctors working day and night for the healing of the afflicted;
  • wandering actors or circus performers, poets, photographers;
  • scammers (both on trifles and organizers of financial pyramids).

One thing is obvious, at first sight they feel spiritual kinship and act together. The owner of Neptune will enthusiastically support any ideas of Chiron’s ward, no matter how strange and unrealistic they may seem. Sometimes this is an example of selfless love and support, but often both become victims of illusions, especially if the connection is in the 12th house.

Working out the Chiron-Neptune conjunction

The best harmonization of the aspect will be the practical grounding of the native through the development of critical thinking and a sense of humor. Considering that the wards of both planets often fly very far in their thoughts and become victims of absent-mindedness and carelessness, it is necessary for balance to strengthen Saturn and Mercury through discipline, verification of facts and people on whom their fate depends, attentiveness in handling documents. You should not immediately rush into the arms of a handsome partner, sincerely believing that this is the prince or princess of your life, trusting them with all finances and keys to the apartment.

One must be able to look at any event through the prism of the criticality and paradox of Chiron, and with the help of Neptune, see deceit and fraud, but concentrate on the positive aspects of the situation.

Laughter and wisdom are Chiron’s two tools to help you avoid Neptunian traps. It is best for aspect holders to wear turquoise jewelry , encouraging them to develop these qualities, as well as firmly adhering to the principles of honesty and justice.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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