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Chiron conjunct Pluto. Limitless Possibilities

Many astrologers do not attach much importance to aspects with Pluto, since it is the most distant and rather slow planet, the influence of which dissipates over one or more generations. However, Chiron is not accidentally located on the border between the visible and invisible world. This is the conductor of the energies of the higher planets and its variability, paradoxicality, artistry are perfectly combined with the strict requirement of external and internal transformation that Pluto puts before a person .

This aspect simply crushes the weak in spirit, they do not stand the test of strength, or they take revenge on someone else, demanding the desired changes from them. Strong and strong-willed people, on the contrary, understand that in matters of the house and the sign of connection, their possibilities are endless and purposefully focus on this narrow area.

Positive influence Chiron-Pluto conjunction

The native feels a special destiny and, as a rule, from his youth he is looking for where he could become famous or get rich. Usually Pluto is a gray eminence, but under the influence of Chiron, he does not mind playing a celebrity, although it is possible that he will quickly get tired of it, and popularity will become his middle name.

People with this aspect easily come true desires, especially those related to finances and any kind of transformation. They can easily get rich by investing the last money intuitively, in the case when, for example, the Sun or Ascendant is in Pisces, or by shoveling a bunch of data on the Internet when the same data is in Virgo.

If they want to lose 20 kg in a couple of months and change their style, then even their friends will not recognize them. However, change is not easy for them and is often associated with difficult trials. Talents to bet on for success:

  • a colossal supply of energy and brilliant ideas that can change the world;
  • the ability to manage crowds of people and rise above them, to be safe in the crowd and during natural disasters and earthquakes;
  • the ability to feel black magic and protect yourself from it in time, to see charlatans, deceivers, to feel the danger even before it occurs.

Sometimes the Pluto-Chiron conjunction is a sign of a high survival rate in cancer. That is, an undeveloped planet can transform suppressed conflicts into a disease, but Chiron will find ways to show a miracle of healing, often in the most fantastic ways and not always thanks to official medicine. The greatest success awaits the native in politics, nuclear physics, and the financial sector.

The negative impact of the Pluto-Chiron conjunction

The native is two-faced, but this has nothing to do with fear and hollowness. His soul has two hypostases of good and evil. These men and women are devoted to the end friends, employees, partners, ready to be there for both good and difficult times, but they do not forgive insults, betrayals, betrayals, and even light ambiguous provisions.

Revenge is thought out to the smallest detail. The once loving and considerate husband and wife become ruthless and merciless destroyers, and the devoted and helpful deputy chief becomes the detonator of the company’s destruction. The inner core here is very tough and in the absence of clear moral guidelines, a person easily commits crimes and murders, obsessed with a super-idea. This is where the paradox of Chiron manifests itself. The native may sincerely believe that he is clearing the world of unworthy people and turning a blind eye to the methods of their destruction.

Chiron-Pluto conjunction in synastry

A karmic connection, when the owner of Chiron inflates the flame of the Plutonian with sarcasm, mood swings, throwing his heart from fire into ice with unpredictable actions, also often leads to crimes. For the time being, Pluto’s ward likes such games, but if they go too far, he will not stand up for the price. In such a connection there is always a tyrant-victim scenario, and the roles always change, especially during the transits of Pluto, Mars and Lilith. Both partners should work on the topics of personal worth and emotional independence.

The most dangerous thing is when this aspect is in the 2nd and 8th houses, because the owner of Chiron will interfere in the financial affairs of the ward Pluto and tease him with or without reason, which he will not tolerate under any conditions.

Working out the Chiron-Pluto conjunction

Since Pluto is the highest planet that governs the collective consciousness, it affects an entire generation, and in order to fully work out the aspect, it will be necessary to enter a new level of consciousness in all people born during this period, which seems unrealistic.

The second option is that the native himself should become a guiding star for many and offer solutions to common pains and problems.

Many owners of aspects create new trends in psychology, astrology, numerology, which make it easier to know oneself and build happy relationships with a partner, others help people gain financial independence through a new system of investments and freelancing.

If in the horoscope Pluto is in a disadvantageous position for itself, then the transformation process is long and painful, a person hides from trials to the last, although Chiron just suggests that the main task is to find unusual and non-standard ways to solve the problem. It is very important to face your fears and choose a partner with respect for the person and finances.

A good talisman for the owners of the Chiron-Pluto connection will be rauchtopaz and black diamond .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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