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Chiron conjunct Venus. How to tame a centaur

Chiron is symbolically designated in astrology as a wounded healer. This is a teacher who leads his student along untrodden paths to a cave full of treasures, but only those who heal their wounds and endure all the tests of the teacher can reach there. Traditionally, the native elements of Chiron are earth and air. This is a practical cynic with an original type of thinking, so aspects with Mercury, Uranus and Saturn fit quite harmoniously into the life of the native.

The conjunction of Chiron with Venus gives a strange idea of blove, or its complete denial. When meeting with the opposite sex, a person is thrown in an emotional stream from timidity and irresistible shyness to aggressive cynicism, a desire to devalue and humiliate, trample on feelings. If a Venus aspect to Uranus is added, then there may be homosexual relationships or a deliberate choice of same-sex relationships.

Positive influence of Venus-Chiron conjunction

The planet of love is also responsible for the human value system, and this is connected not only with material things, but also with the philosophy of life. The owners of the Chiron-Venus conjunction, out of curiosity or out of contradiction, always choose a different value system than the one in which they were brought up. The children of intellectual scientists go into the world of hippies, the descendants of respectable and law-abiding farmers storm the heights of the cinematic Olympus, the main thing is to intuitively choose the most unlike their parental habitat. This is not always bad, but most often it does not contribute to warm and trusting relationships in the family.

On the positive side, the Chiron-Venus conjunction promotes love, understanding the emotional needs of a partner, but creates a temptation to take a walk on the side. It is difficult to trust a person who has both planets in the signs of air and fire. The following factors must be taken into account:

  • the presence of an additional aspect from Neptune to Venus – the idealization of love relationships, immersion in them headlong, disregard for any danger (for example, unprotected sex with the first one you like);
  • the position of Venus and Chiron in Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo – a realistic view of relationships, health care, family finances, reputation;
  • the occupancy of the 7th house and the axis 2-8 of the sector of the horoscope – the need for a self-sufficient, professionally accomplished companion, family, permanent housing.

Depending on the presence of each factor, the general appearance of the native will change. That is, it is likely that he will not be a Casanova with a strong influence of the elements of the earth, but petty temptations to go to the side cannot be avoided. Another thing is that the decision remains with the person.

The negative impact of the Venus-Chiron conjunction

If there are no saving trines and sextiles, and most importantly, the need to work on relationships, the native will be tormented by dissatisfaction in his personal life, even if everything is fine from a classical point of view. However, strange experiments in sex, the need for a combination of connections on the side and a respectable marriage, touchiness, vulnerability and misunderstanding of a common goal do not allow the owner of the horoscope to build a happy family. Psychological vulnerability encourages you to look for a reliable rear behind which you can hide, and then suffer from dissatisfaction and boredom.

As in the case of Mercury, the owners of the Chiron-Venus conjunction can play any role. Great actors who create images of goodies for generations to come, in reality, far fall short of this bar as people. At a low level of development – elusive scammers, gigolos and courtesans.

In childhood, such a person suffers from the ridicule of others and dissimilarity to others, which makes him look for a cure for the soul in psychology. He applies this knowledge with equal success both in revenge on offenders and in helping those who suffer.

Chiron-Venus conjunction in synastry

A compatibility map with another person will help you competently build relationships and understand the motives for behavior in marriage, friendship, and a business alliance. If in the synastry Chiron connects with Venus, this creates a strong sexual attraction for partners. They may not suit each other at all in appearance and in personal views, but they fall in love and cannot live at a distance from each other.

It should be borne in mind that a person with Chiron always changes the system of life values of the owner of Venus, and on the lower floor of development he tries to break it through the knee, but does not cease to be attractive to a partner.

At first glance, this marriage seems perfect, but in fact there are enough skeletons in the closet. In a business alliance, the Chironian will bring great profits to the owner of Venus through new original ideas.

Working out the Venus-Chiron conjunction

According to legend, Chiron was wounded by Hercules by mistake, having received a poisoned arrow with poison for which there is no cure. The appearance of the Venus-Chiron conjunction in the horoscope means that there were wounded relationships in the family, which the native will have to heal through the search for contact with the partner’s value system, increasing self-esteem, and developing psychological ease in communicating with the opposite sex.

Strengthening of Venusian qualities is shown: external attractiveness, artistic and acting talents, sociability, plasticity. Even if the profession is far from the theater, you need to engage in amateur performances, go to dances, work in a heterosexual team, or, for example, a woman with a Venus-Chiron conjunction will clearly show herself in a male team and wither away among her own kind. The indispensable medicine for the soul and the key to success will be the study of psychology.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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