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Moon – Mercury conjunction

The Moon and Mercury are neutral in nature. However, when they unite, both the positive and negative qualities of these planets are manifested.

Moon and Mercury conjunct have a number of things in common. The luminaries are characterized by variability, mobility and describe the mental abilities of a person. The owners of the aspect are really distinguished by their dexterity, good learning ability and the ability to adapt to the situation.

On the other hand, Mercury and the Moon are responsible for the nervous system, and therefore it is not easy for a person with this aspect to relax and get rid of stress.

Moon - Mercury conjunction

The influence of the aspect on the psychological characteristics of a person and his behavior

A person who has a conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in the natal chart is perceived by others as an intellectually gifted, sociable and versatile person. Such people most often have a good memory, attentiveness and natural curiosity about everything that happens around. They study with enthusiasm, easily make new acquaintances and are usually aware of all events.

The owners of this aspect are popular, it is always interesting and fun to be around them. The native shows flexibility and diplomacy in relations with others. For everyone, he will select the right, sincere word, help with advice and provide you with comprehensive information.

People with this aspect are able to explain the most difficult things in simple language. Often they successfully realize themselves in literary or teaching activities. In addition, they tend to have good reflexes, intermediary talents, and local orientation. A person with this astrological constellation is suitable for the work of a driver, salesman, agent or consultant.

A person with the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury should avoid double standards in life and resourcefulness in behavior. It must be remembered that lies, fussiness and inconsistency can negatively affect his life and reputation.

The conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in the male horoscope

If in the natal chart of a man there is a conjunction of the Moon (the significator of marriage) with Mercury, then we can conclude that he is attracted by women who are talkative, open, intelligent and talented.

The owners of the aspect easily strike up romantic acquaintances, but if the object of sympathy becomes uninteresting, then communication is quickly reduced to nothing. Men with the conjunction of the Moon and Mercury should beware of inconsistency and ambiguous situations in relationships.

The conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in the female horoscope

The conjunction of the Moon with Mercury in a woman's horoscope will describe her as a contact person, erudite, inquisitive and inventive. Such ladies are always open to life changes and new knowledge, and creating a family for the owner of a horoscope is one of the interesting life opportunities.

As a wife and mother, a woman sees her tasks in maintaining a lively and dynamic atmosphere in the family, in organizing favorable changes in life and caring for the health of loved ones.

The conjunction of the Moon and Mercury in the child's horoscope

A child with this compound should be protected from undue anxiety and nervous overexcitement. It is necessary to limit his pastime in front of the TV and computer, and during his studies take care of the alternation of mental work and rest.

If the child has difficulty falling asleep, then an evening walk, reading fairy tales and calm communication with loved ones will help him tune in to sleep and relaxation.

Children with such an aspect in the horoscope love to learn new things, so a lot of attention should be paid to their intellectual development. Physical exercises in the fresh air, interesting trips, friendly communication with relatives and peers will tell them a good mood.

Lilia Garipova

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