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Conjunction Mars – Lilith: fiery passions

When the Black Moon connects with a planet, it distorts its natural energy and causes it to manifest through negative qualities along the symbolic lower floor. If in aspects with good planets this is not so noticeable, then Mars with its evil nature easily succumbs to temptation and involves the ward in the cycle of destructive events.

A person lacks a deep self-confidence, so Lilith easily hurls him from reckless courage to violence. It is especially difficult for women who literally attract aggressors, and even subconsciously compete with the stronger sex. Men are attracted to scandalous and rude girls, from which they themselves suffer, or they begin to dominate their partners by all means, provoking conflicts. Without elaboration, this aspect greatly spoils life and does not allow building good relationships.

Features of the conjunction of Mars with Lilith

In a woman’s chart, Mars symbolizes the image of a lover, a desired man who attracts attention, and in the horoscope of the stronger sex indicates the level of sexuality. Thus, in addition to the habit of achieving their own by harsh methods, destroying, dividing and dominating, in relationships, the owners of the horoscope strive for emancipation, behave like a man directly: they approach the object they like and offer a connection, and then they can also easily break with him.

At the same time, they are attracted to brutal men with criminal inclinations, who can fight for no reason, are prone to elements of violence in relationships. Even if such a woman marries a good, kind guy, she can easily cheat on him with a muscular, rude, assertive dork, or her husband will have to portray such a house.

Such passions draw the owner of the aspect into a toxic dependent relationship, where she is beaten, humiliated, forced to defend herself on an adrenaline rush.

Men with the conjunction of Mars with Lilith have increased sexuality and many different fantasies. They need a liberated partner with a masculine way of thinking.

Of the most negative qualities with this aspect, a person is clearly pronounced: hot temper, anger, aggression, resentment with an instant desire for revenge, a state of passion with anger and a burning need to achieve his own, even if the whole world is against it.

That is why you cannot envy a native partner, and a particularly difficult situation develops in the absence of reciprocity, when the other person wants to divorce or end the relationship. The deep insecurity of the owner of the connection responds with severe pain, including the dark side of the aspect, and he begins to destroy everything around.

The degree of manifestation depends on the sign of the compound. Fire sign owners relieve stress by breaking things and getting into fights easily. Air signs prefer verbal clashes, while water signs, on the contrary, live with the passive pole of Mars and are easily manipulated, they take revenge with caution, on the sly.

Positive Manifestations of Mars-Lilith Conjunction

In the classical manifestation, the aspect gives a person an insatiable desire for primacy. Seeing the goal, the native does not notice the obstacles and goes towards it, regardless of any difficulties. This helps to gain success quite early and quickly in the activity that is interesting, and most importantly, to gain independence, which is so necessary on the highest floor of the planet. Purposefulness, the absence of fear on the way to the goal, the ability to separate the main from the secondary and the belief in the fulfillment of one’s desires, oddly enough, come from the same source of self-doubt. Only on the highest floor does this manifest itself as a desire to prove to myself and the world that I still have the right to this, I am worthy of standing on a pedestal with a laurel wreath on my head.

The conjunction of Mars with Lilith gives the world amazing athletes, hardy soldiers, talented military leaders, but also wonderful artisans, tailors, jewelers and agronomists.

The aspect attracts a lot of admirers to a person who are ready for anything for him, that is, Lilith transforms the Martian essence into the image of a superhero or an incredibly desirable woman that everyone wants to possess, so the native’s personal life is very diverse.

How to Harmonize Lilith Conjunct Mars

Anger and aggression greatly complicate the relationship of the native with others, so he should not be inactive. The fact is that very often Lilith turns off the active pole of Mars, a person falls into apathy, limply switches TV channels or plays aggressive games on the phone for days without creating anything new. At the same time, unrealized energy accumulates inside like burning lava. Just touch this one and it will explode.

It seems that these people avoid quarrels and conflicts, but others simply do not know what passions boil inside them. This is fraught with psychosomatic illnesses and domestic violence, when a seemingly peaceful native keeps those who depend on him in fear.

Therefore, both with active and passive Mars, aggression must be drained through active actions, which must necessarily lead to a specific result. If this is a sport, then not for yourself, but to set a record, take a medal, receive an award. The connection of Mars with Lilith is perfectly worked out through dance classes, but public speaking and applause are necessary. If Mars is passive, boxing is perfect for yourself, in order to be able to beat the “pear” from the heart and release stagnant resentment and anger.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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