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Mars – Saturn conjunction

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is a negative astrological combination, since the aspect is formed by evil luminaries. Difficult planetary interaction leaves a special imprint on a person's character. At times, the surrounding native seems tough, unnecessarily tense and therefore uncomfortable in communication.

The reason for the internal conflict is that both planets have opposite qualities. Mars symbolizes strength, action, activity and penetration. Meeting with the unyielding Saturn, the energy of Mars seems to break on a rock.

If Mars in quality is stronger than Saturn (this happens, for example, if both planets are in the sign of Scorpio), then the subject successfully overcomes life obstacles due to his endurance and great ability to work. If Saturn is essentially more powerful (as, for example, when these planets are combined in the sign of Libra), then success does not come to the owner of the aspect immediately, but at a fairly mature age. A solid internal routine and discipline help him move towards his goal.

Mars - Saturn conjunction

The influence of the aspect on personality, behavior and human activity

The combination of warlike Mars and cold-blooded Saturn in the natal chart suggests that the owner of the aspect feels an internal contradiction. If Mars precedes Saturn, then a person often cannot decide whether to act now or wait still, paying attention to assessing the current situation and careful planning.

If Saturn is in front of Mars, the native needs to overcome some obstacle in order to perform an action. It can be not only physical, but also psychological. The latter manifests itself in the form of fears, laziness, stiffness and uncertainty about the success of the enterprise.

A person with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn needs to understand that those around him may be unpleasant for his qualities such as stubbornness, intractability, conflict and cruelty. Fearlessness, hard work, self-discipline and the ability to get to the bottom of any business can become positive character traits.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the natal chart of a man

The tense aspect between Mars and Saturn will tell about the strong character and iron will of a man, as well as his ability to cope with life's difficulties. Often such people have a difficult fate. Success is not easy for them. You have to work hard and fight for your place in the sun.

Relationships with others can be difficult, as a man often bends his line, not looking back at other people's opinions. It is difficult for him to adapt to the situation and the people around him, so in marriage and business, a conflict-free and compliant partner is best for him.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the natal chart of a woman

The tense aspect between Mars and Saturn brings difficulties to a woman's personal life. High demands are placed on the partner, and conflicts often arise in the relationship.

Women with this aspect prefer men who are sophisticated, serious, responsible and businesslike. In some cases, the marriage may be delayed, or the partner may be significantly older in age.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the child's natal chart    

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is an aspect that is unfavorable to health. From childhood, you need to monitor the state of the musculoskeletal system, to prevent overstrain and overload in activity. Exercising regularly will help improve coordination, agility, and endurance. These measures will reduce the risks in the event of a traumatic situation.

The tense interaction of the planets can indicate a difficult nature of the child. You cannot show brute force against him. A dictatorial parenting style will contribute to the formation of a tough and uncompromising character.

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