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Conjunction Mercury – Lilith: calculation or indifference

The connection of a personal planet with Lilith gives rise to a completely new energy substance. The Black Moon symbolizes the secret depth of the subconscious, where the darkest fantasies and thoughts are hidden. The merger with Mercury reflects the absence in the human brain of neural connections responsible for the ability to sincerely make friends, love brothers and sisters, learn quickly, and most importantly, a person seems to have feelings blocked. It is difficult for him to feel the love, sympathy, delight, gratitude that are born spontaneously in a relationship.

However, the native knows how to skillfully portray them and express them verbally with restraint, although it is not a fact that he actually experiences emotions. This state of affairs is explained by the karmic nature of Lilith. It was not customary in the human race to express one’s feelings, but prudence, secrecy, self-interest and the ability to speculate on anything helped the ancestors survive, and the memory of this was preserved in the subconscious.

Features of the influence of the conjunction of Lilith with Mercury

It is precisely because of the lack of empathy and the underdevelopment of emotional intelligence that the owners of the aspect turn out to be clever scammers, manipulators, thieves, and propagandists. However, everything depends on the desire of a person to develop, grow spiritually and bring his Lilith to the highest level of manifestation, where the skill of mental connection to a partner is already being formed, when the native reads mental intentions, as well as artistry, sleight of hand, oratorical skills and an unsurpassed sense of humor.

It is also important to understand who is stronger: the Black Moon or Mercury. If the latter, then feelings are subject to reason, the native is annoyed by impulsiveness, openness, vulnerability of other people. However, when the planet of intellect is weak, on the contrary, sensuality on the nerve of the basic instincts overshadows the mind.

Sometimes a person is thrown from one extreme to another, and if Mercury is retrograde, then he suffers from the Cassandra syndrome. He knows how to get to the bottom of the truth through the skillful alignment of cause-and-effect relationships, but they don’t want to listen to him, they don’t believe him.

The main manifestations of the conjunction of Mercury with Lilith:

  • morbid curiosity and desire to gossip, dilettantism, dispersion of interests on insignificant things;
  • difficulty concentrating, does not fix what was said, forgets instructions, does not learn the material of study;
  • inability to keep secrets, the desire to gossip, and to embellish stronger promises to remain silent;
  • involvement in quarrels and conflicts, strife is always boiling around;
  • a tendency to weave intrigues, participate in bullying, boycott unwanted people, ridicule the weaker ones.

Such a connection reflects the weakness of the nervous system and internal tension. At a low level of development, a person feels a desire to steal, up to kleptomania, and lie even for no reason. He is either prudent to the extreme, or indifferent to people and he simply does not feel sorry for them.

In childhood, the native experienced complex and ambiguous relationships with younger brothers or sisters, which subsequently influenced the perception of the world and his role in it. If the connection affects the 3rd, 7th, 9th, 11th houses, the person is attracted to bad company.

The positive influence of the conjunction of Lilith and Mercury

Such an aspect was with the compiler of the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language S. Ozhegov. The linguist directed his irrepressible curiosity and passion for versatile information into a positive direction of discoveries and research.

It often turns out that the native easily grasps languages despite poor academic performance in other areas. Lilith hypertrophies and turns the properties of Mercury inside out, but the ability to quickly master any sign systems, be it languages, programming, formulas, remains at its best.

If a person has a strong Venus, a water or fiery Ascendant, then the conjunction of Lilith with Mercury enhances the natural acting gift and the desire to stand out from the crowd. The Air Ascendant encourages more talking and speaking than playing other roles. In itself, the connection does not give acting talent, because feelings are subordinate to the mind, but it helps to portray what is expected of a person, quite believably.

How to work out the Mercury-Lilith conjunction

The native needs to be prepared for dark thoughts, fantasies and a recurring desire to express himself strongly or even communicate in profanity.

If you understand that this is the influence of Lilith , the process is easier to control and consciously transfer these energies to the highest level: think positively, exclude aggression and anger not only from the manner of expression, but also from thoughts.

Purity of intentions, words, deeds is a guarantee of protection from gossip, intrigue and theft in relation to the native himself, since negative deeds in the frenzy of Lilith’s permissiveness return like a boomerang to the native himself every 9 years.

It is important to study according to the system, to refuse empty talk, gossip, condemnation of other people, to master foreign languages, psychology, to read a lot and be sure to study, and in such a way as to join the ranks of excellent students.

If there are brothers and sisters, then it is good to establish good relations with them, otherwise the wormhole of children’s conflicts will constantly interfere in other respects.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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