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Conjunction Mercury – Selena: the word is the head of everything

Ideally, the White Moon (Selena) in conjunction with the septener planets highlights their best qualities, ennobles and inspires selfless wonderful deeds. However, being a representative of the higher energies of the Universe, designated by astrologers as simply a mathematical point in the horoscope, Selena carries the concept of justice, which is unusual for the earthly mind, and also does not interfere with the free will of a person.

Thus, it turns out that the wards of the White Moon are not always a model of virtue. Mercury governs the word, speech, information and the ability to melt all this into effective and useful communication with the outside world. Under the influence of Selena, a person is perceived as a conductor of higher wisdom, while he can talk nonsense and gag, and people will listen as an eminent guru, especially if Neptune and Venus are manifested, which is very dangerous.

Features of the connection Selena – Mercury

The return of the White Moon occurs every 7 years. During this period, the native either receives a reward for righteous behavior in the affairs of the house in which the connection is located, or a karmic boomerang deprives him of part of the blessed karma of the clan. The fact is that Selena shows in which area of life the native’s ancestors performed the greatest number of good deeds.

Ideally, their descendants received patronage and protection in this area, whether active or passive acceptance. For example, the Selena-Mercury conjunction in the 6th house gives friendly colleagues, success in working with younger brothers and sisters, and a person can always agree with any doctor and medical representative about the best treatment conditions. Even if the doctor is rude and inattentive, he will miraculously listen to the native, study his problem and make the necessary diagnosis. This is how the collective unconscious works and the help of the guardian angel in the person of the White Moon.

As a rule, the owners of the connection are endowed with a beautiful voice and are able to influence others through speech. They start talking early and impress their relatives with the ability to memorize long poems, play on stage and find a common language with any peer. However, we must not forget that until the first return of Selena, up to 7 years, the child is in the field of the mother. If there is a speech delay, stuttering, alalia of any stage, the mother needs to think about how correctly she manifests herself in that area of the house where the baby’s White Moon stands. Also, problems with speech in children with such a connection are solved in the process of fervent prayer of parents, because Selena is a conductor of higher powers. The necessary information then comes in the most incomprehensible way.

The owner of the connection of Selena with Mercury wins over precisely through conversation and the transfer of information, therefore it is very good to choose the profession of a teacher, teacher, journalist, writer, psychologist, in order to further strengthen this influence.

Dangers of Selena-Mercury Conjunction

A lot depends on the position of Mercury in the natal chart. If he is weak, then Selena, first of all, will begin to push a person by events to strengthen the planet of knowledge. The native meets good teachers, the necessary acquaintances, information comes by itself, one has only to let the question go into the surrounding space. However, it also works well for malicious people at a low level of development.

Initially, Selena tries to contain the negative manifestations of Mercury. Already at the first return of the White Moon at the age of 7, the child feels the consequences of unwillingness to learn, empty chatter and treachery. At the age of 14, the consequences are more serious, but if at the average level of development of Selena a person thinks about the obvious relationship and tries to find answers, then the low stage encourages you to react embittered and act even more using negative Mercurial tools: gossip, intrigue, denunciations, verbal insults and depreciation

Karmically, the connection of Selena with Mercury occurs in the horoscopes of those people whose ancestors carried light through the word: they taught, preached, wrote excellent books, so any slander, slander, even discussion of other people behind their backs leads to degradation and deterioration of karma, which means that on the seven-year cycle of the White Moon everything that he created returns to a person like a boomerang.

How to work out the connection Mercury – Selena

Since the White Moon symbolizes the general good karma of the clan, the native, as his representative, is expected to continue to do good deeds along the Mercury line: to know the world in theory and practice, to accumulate and transfer knowledge and experience, to teach and create something with his hands , which are also symbolically associated with Mercury. Absolutely not:

  • deliberately mislead people, teach bad things, corrupt young minds through forbidden literature that calls for criminal acts;
  • read books and watch films yourself, the plot of which contains cruel and obscene scenes;
  • gossip, swear, verbally devalue the achievements and beliefs of other people;
  • write denunciations, abusive words on the walls, slander, snitch.

The gift of feeling the word is given to a person for higher purposes, in order to kindle the hearts of people for the inspired creation of a new world, and if the native uses it to harm, for manipulation and fraud, then he himself will suffer from intrigues and destructive multi-steps woven by opponents.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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