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Conjunction MC (Midheaven) – Selena: the highest mission

The White Moon is a source of light, grace, a symbol of the patronage of higher powers in the area for which the house of its position is responsible. It denotes a place of resource and good luck, where nothing threatens a person, but there are many nuances of interacting with it. Selena is an angel of justice, which has nothing to do with the earthly idea of her. As long as a person observes the universal laws, luck will not leave him, but it may not manifest itself at all if, due to education and the influence of the environment, he violates them from childhood.

Meridian of the Midheaven (MS) is the highest point of the horoscope: professional vocation, ceiling of opportunities, career, fame and honors. The White Moon in this area speaks of the good karma of the leader, formed in the family. Nativa will be lucky in his career, it is easy for him to become famous, but very often he goes to the top by touch blindfolded.

Features of the connection of Selena with the Meridian of the Midheaven (MS)

When examining many cards with a similar aspect, an interesting pattern was revealed – the native himself does not understand why he is drawn to a certain area of activity, but moves there blindly, as if obeying an invisible force. This vocation often runs counter to family traditions and professional activities, but it is as if a person is led there from above. Unexpected meetings, acquaintances happen, interesting proposals come in, forming a new reality, where the voice of intuition tells how to reveal and realize oneself.

Here it is very important to also look at the position of the MC ruler in order to understand what kind of talents will accelerate this process.

If, for example, the Midheaven with Selena in Libra, and Venus as the ruler in the 9th house, happiness and good luck will accompany when moving abroad, doing business with foreign partners, working in show business abroad. The position of the ruler in the 8th house refers to the management of other people’s money as a financier, broker, investor, or to esotericism.

Since the aspect affects the 10th house, accordingly, a certain opposition of Selena and planets in the 4th house is obtained. It is necessary to see if there is an opposition, because it is these energies that will prevent a person from realizing his desire for light and happiness. Even if sector 4 is empty, home life, relationships with father and family, real estate problems can get in the way of a dream.

The planets in this area concretize this confrontation. In any case, the native has doubts: how far his path fits into the family’s idea of well-being. Sometimes, in the name of serving the goal, he has to break with the roots, leave the family, completely transform the views of loved ones on life, or face their misunderstanding. Something similar can be observed in the fate of the owners of the conjunction of Selena and MS: S. Dali (aspect in Aries), V. Shukshin (Selena in Scorpio), A. Chumak (MS in Virgo). Signs quite clearly reflect the trends of their activities and style of self-expression.

Dangers of Selena and Midheaven Conjunction

The White Moon turns on for good people who sincerely want to serve their people and use power and glory for good. However, people who are not familiar with astrology rarely resist temptation when they are at the peak of their popularity. They have a star disease, a feeling of being chosen and permissiveness. They allow themselves many things that they did not do before gaining influence in society, and this disconnects them from the good energies of Selena. The protection that was present before falls. In such a situation, the native himself becomes a victim of more powerful people and representatives of state structures.

Dangerous signs of misuse of the energies of the connection of Selena with the MS:

  • inflated conceit, arrogance towards other people;
  • blind confidence in one’s rightness, justification of unpleasant actions by one’s highest mission: they can’t, I can;
  • perception of other people as rivals or retinue without personal interests and views: they must share the point of view of the native;
  • irritation with their family if they do not want to devote their lives to the owner of the card and obey him in everything;
  • unwillingness to take care of the house, the arrangement of life because of the passion for their vocation.

In part, the position of Selena on the MC coincides with her position in the 10th house, but if she is not on the Meridian itself, then a strong confrontation with the theme of the 4th house is excluded. Achieving the goal with the position of the White Moon in the 10th house is less dramatic than with the opposition of MC – IC, or the native does not aspire to career heights at all. Here, it is the conditional opposition that creates a strong desire to become famous for all enemies in spite, especially if the Sun and Mars are strong.

How to work out the connection of MS and Selena

A person with such a connection needs to decide from an early age on the choice of his destiny, both in terms of profession and the mission that he will embody through his career growth. It is best to do this at the age of 14, or at least at 21, since the Selena cycle, in which important decisions must be made, occurs every 7 years. After choosing a vocation, you need to literally write down your code of honor, certain rules of conduct that must not be violated.

It is necessary to exclude arrogance, snobbery, racism from the arsenal of one’s views, and moreover, to be a vivid example of liberalism, respect for other people’s creativity and views, but at the same time it is important to maintain self-esteem and not allow one’s uniqueness to be devalued.

The native will have to live on the highest floor of the sign, where the Meridian of the Middle of the Sky passes, this will bring him fame that will outlive him, and during his lifetime will allow him to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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