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Neptune Conjunction Lilith: Dirty Waters

The Black Moon in conjunction aspect distorts the energy of Neptune. On the one hand, it enhances its manifestation through the native. The theme of the house and the sign where the members of the union stand becomes painfully interesting and a person seeks to realize himself through the planet, and Lilith feeds on these emotions and energies. Being a reflection of the darkest and most secret corners of the subconscious, it triggers the ward through ancestral programs that sharply echo in memory, although the native may not even be aware of the roots of this pain.

Neptune already fogs the mind with illusions and unrealizable dreams, and under the influence of the Black Moon, a person simply develops a drug addiction to castles in the air, dreams, and even, in an acute stage, hallucinations. If you do not work out the aspect, then schizophrenia may develop or autism is initially present, when it is easier to immerse yourself in a fictional world than to live in a real one. However, everything depends on the strength of Neptune and the will of the native himself.

Features of the influence of the conjunction of Neptune and Lilith

Under the influence of the aspect, it seems that you were tied hand and foot, hung a stone around your neck and thrown into a pond, you don’t want to act actively.

At best, a person goes with the flow and reacts sluggishly to the surrounding circumstances, at worst, he lies at the bottom and dreams that he will conquer the world someday.

If Mars, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn are strong in the map, then, of course, by willpower and the desire to achieve success in life, a person can break the delusion and swim to the surface of reality, but it will not be easy for him in this struggle.

In the case of Neptune, its power is turned against the native. If he is in Pisces or Aquarius, then the native is even threatened by a mental hospital or at least treatment by a psychotherapist, because he sees dreams in reality, up to hallucinations and visions in broad daylight, and at night he is tormented by fears and nightmares. Yes, he has the gift of foresight, but he sees everything, good and bad, joining the stream, falls into the dark layer of the astral plane under the influence of Lilith, and it is difficult to cope with this without the help of a specialist.

The main dangers of the connection:

  • instant falling under the influence of any marginal vicious group (especially in adolescence), since Neptune is associated with the collective unconscious;
  • the rapid emergence of dependence on alcohol, drugs, toxic relationships, sexual perversions;
  • diseases of the psyche, lymphatic, nervous system.

Weak Neptune in Leo, Virgo and Gemini is easier to overcome, but passive consumption of information is included here: a person drinks both living and dead water, but does not make his choice. He goes to church, prays, but reads black magic forums, conspiracies, trusts a false guru, not understanding where the manipulation is and where the truth is.

At the same time, of course, even in this situation, you can reach the higher energies of the Black Moon and Neptune in creativity, spirituality and esotericism, if you find a good teacher and support in yourself.

Salvation from the haze of illusions in realism, therefore it is desirable to pull out images from the subconscious into the real world through creativity.

Positive Influence of Neptune Conjunction with Lilith

Thanks to a developed imagination, the ability to read information from a subtle plane and see it in images, as well as to read a person’s thoughts, the native will succeed as a creative person: an artist, poet, writer, actor, dancer, because it is in these directions that he can materialize his shadows, fears, expectations into something visible and concrete.

This is a kind of psychotherapy. However, here too it is necessary to connect illusions with realism, for example, to receive money for your creativity or to do it as a hobby to relieve stress, and to be grounded through a practical profession.

If the native has strong Uranus, he will make an excellent astrologer who reads information from the natal chart, opening a portal to the other world through symbols.

Also, on the contrary, the owners of the connection Neptune – Lilith become excellent psychiatrists and narcologists, because this is the world of their energies, only on its highest floor. Roughly speaking, either they themselves suffer from schizophrenia, paranoia, alcoholism, or they treat other people from this, otherwise this aspect cannot be lived.

How to harmonize the conjunction of Neptune and Lilith

Since the Black Moon is associated with the generic unconscious, most often, among the ancestors of the native were the insane, alcoholics, suffering from unrequited love and unrecognized creators.

Depending on which program dominates, you need to build a development strategy. There are cases when the native comes from a family of hereditary doctors, psychiatrists, actors, and here it is already easier for him, it remains to work out some fears or alcohol addiction.

In any case, in the presence of the Neptune-Lilith connection, it is difficult to do without a good psychologist working in rapid therapy, because classical psychoanalysis for the native is the same addiction, and it is important for him to quickly gain self-reliance. It can also be obtained through success in any creativity, dances are especially good here, because they simultaneously turn on Mars and encourage action.

If the Lilith-Neptune conjunction is on the South Node, a person is in the grip of past sins of generic programs, and without their elaboration it is impossible for him to enter the mission of the North Node. But in the case of a connection with Rahu, the purpose of the native is precisely to accept the dark side of Neptune in order to help other people: for example, he experienced an experience of unhappy love, alcohol addiction, a nervous breakdown and depression, got out and became a light of hope for hundreds of others, passing on his experience through healing programs, courses, books.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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