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Neptune – Pluto conjunction

Neptune and Pluto are the highest planets. Both of them move at a slow speed, and therefore any aspect between them, including the aspect of connection, happens infrequently. The aspect between Neptune and Pluto can be found in the natal charts of most people born over several years or decades. The interaction of these planets will tell about the characteristics inherent not of one personality, but of a whole generation of people.

Neptune is responsible for creativity, inspiration and lofty spiritual ideals. Pluto symbolizes inner strength and the ability to transform reality in accordance with their own views and beliefs. By combining influences, these planets endow people with powerful energy potential, spiritual strength and inexhaustible creativity.

Neptune and Pluto are considered financial planets. Their combination in the horoscope will tell you that a person has or seeks to have wealth, and also knows how to value the resources he has.

Characteristics of the aspect, its influence on people and their contribution to the development of society

People, in whose horoscopes there is the aforementioned combination of the higher planets, have not only high ideals and deep knowledge, but also know how to embody their wonderful images and advanced ideas into reality.

People with this constellation in Natal are not content with what their ancestors knew. They constantly broaden their horizons, comprehend what is happening around them, set up experiments and make stunning discoveries, thanks to which the face of society is changing. Interests may include physics, chemistry, psychology, religion, and economics.

Horoscope holders usually question many religious truths. They accept only those spiritual ideas that correspond to their ideas of humanity, kindness and justice.

People with this aspect are most often supporters of social transformations. They know what changes must take place in society and are not afraid of the chaos and instability that will replace the old order. The subject dreams of the triumph of progress and actively promotes his ideas to the masses. He wants to create something meaningful and special for his family, state and the world in general. Such people need to avoid illusion. You should not allow deception and manipulation of others and take risks with money.

The conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in the signs of the zodiac

At the end of the 19th century, Pluto and Neptune were combined in the sign of Gemini. The generation of people born at this time was distinguished by high intellectual abilities, a desire to constantly improve their moral level and transform the world thanks to the latest knowledge and technologies.

Aspect interactions with the Sun or Moon

Neptune and Pluto most strongly affect the personality if they are associated in the horoscope with the native's Moon or Sun. Harmonious aspectual connections will tell about a life full of amazing possibilities and favorable chances. The owners of such aspects are as if destiny itself leads to success. They themselves know how to read her signs. Good intuition, insight and natural knowledge of psychology helps such people to achieve high social status and material well-being.

Intense aspects with the Moon and the Sun will tell about the difficult nature and unstable life of the native. He has to fight against illusions and temptations. Success can be difficult to achieve due to the fact that the owners of this constellation do not know how to adapt to others, mislead them and have an inflexible position both in their personal life and at work. And yet, the owner of the horoscope can achieve the desired heights if he learns to foresee the development of life scenarios and take everything that happens around him under his personal control.

Lilia Garipova


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