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Conjunction Neptune – Selena: magic against alcohol

Selena is a fictitious point, the antipode of Lilith , it is also called the White Moon or Lulu. Symbolically, it is associated with the good karma of the family and that area of the subconscious where information is stored about the talents and good deeds of the ancestors of the native and himself in past lives. In conjunction with Neptune, the direction for their manifestation now at a certain level is concretized.

This is innate artistry, sensitivity, intuition, connection with the highest universal mind and all artistic abilities, because it was due to this that the representatives of the genus did good. However, do not forget about the free will of man and the pitfalls of Neptune. At the lowest level of consciousness, there is no confidence in oneself and one’s right to creativity, the native goes into the world of dreams through alcohol and drugs.

Features of the conjunction of Selena and Neptune

Despite the fact that the aspect is called the effect of a good wizard, it thus affects others more than the owner of the horoscope.

Such people are really soft, compassionate, ready to hug, comfort and reassure. If the owners of the Uranus-Selene conjunction are perceived as “out of this world” due to oddities and excessive originality, then here such an impression is created due to Christian behavior unusual for our world.

The native forgives enemies, is ready to help those who have fallen, although he has recently offended him, in general, turns his cheek under the blow and does not expect bad things. On the one hand, such humility really changes the people around, on the other hand, at a low level of development, it creates a victim syndrome and unwillingness to get out of the cozy little world of inner comfort for the owner of the card.

The owners of the Selena-Neptune conjunction are either homebodies who create an oasis of calm and a desirable atmosphere of kindness and love in their home, or free artists who live in creativity or a dream that takes up all their free time.

These are artists, poets, psychologists, esotericists, but many of them are also religious ministers, both priests and nuns, who have rejected everything earthly.

It is important to understand that the choice of destination and profession is very dependent on other indicators in the horoscope. Even a priest, poet and actor with a predominance of the elements of earth or fire in the natal chart will be very different from a colleague with a dominant influence of water or air.

In the first case, you get a good balance between practicality and the flight of the soul. A person lives with lofty aspirations, does good, helps and creates beautiful works, but does not forget about himself and about material comfort.

In the second situation, he feeds on moonlight and prayerful ecstasy, hardly understanding how to combine the needs of the body with the destiny of the soul.

In any case, kindness and responsiveness, creativity and disinterestedness in the area of the house where Neptune stands and which he rules, return to a person multiplied many times, especially if these are sectors 2 and 8, where any charity brings material well-being, and if there are additional indicators, wealth, which cannot be lost.

Dangers of the connection of Selena with Neptune

Kindness and selflessness can create heroes who, like their ancestors, serve their country and family with love and devotion, but depending on the level of development and the environment in which a person grows and forms, they can turn into softness, reliability, fear of making a mistake and as a result, the inability to realize creative potential.

It is necessary to raise a child with the conjunction of Selena with Neptune carefully, with an understanding of his tender soul, love for the world, animals, trees and flowers. Sometimes such a soul ends up in a family where such qualities are not valued in order to survive and suffer the right to happiness. Therefore, the appearance of Selena in the natal chart, unlike the Pars of Fortune, is not a guarantee of happiness in the house where she is located.

This is a symbol of protection of higher powers in trials and support in the search for a destiny. If such a soul cannot endure a collision with evil, then the person goes into a binge.

Alcohol, the reverse side of Neptune, is very addictive and you can get out of addiction only through religion and gaining a sense of God in yourself.

In the worst case, a person takes evil for good and falsehood for truth, fanatically serving them and rejecting the help of the Universe.

How to work out the connection Neptune – Selena

The native has a choice – to be a magician or to leave addictions, which are expressed not only by alcohol and drugs. It can be unhappy love, a rescue complex, the need to live for others, forgetting about yourself. It is necessary to develop a healthy balance between the real need to do charity and self-love, respect for ancestral talents and their manifestation through oneself.

Here we are talking not only about creativity, but also about other Neptunian areas: chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cooking, maritime affairs in all forms, from marine biology and archeology to service on a ship. However, even if a person has chosen another profession in terms of 2, 6, 10 houses, he simply needs to have a hobby according to Neptune, whether it be drawing, participating in amateur performances, dancing, photography. This will open up a flood of luck and amazing opportunities that defy logical understanding.

It is very good to go to church services, but the main thing is not to fall into excessive ecstasy and fanaticism. It is better to completely exclude alcohol and cigarettes from life, including not working in the field related to their sale.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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