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Conjunction Saturn – Lilith: under the weight of karma

Lilith is also called the Black Moon and the darkest desires and grave sins are attributed to her. However, this is not always the case. This fictitious point symbolizes the deep programs of the family, transferred to the native and rooted in his subconscious. They are very difficult to understand, so a person does not always understand the motives of his reckless actions, painful reactions and denial of what is good for himself personally.

In combination with Saturn, this influence is enhanced, because it is just a karmic planet that limits and freezes the problem areas of the map to pass the lessons of fate.

If you understand how the connection of Saturn with Lilith affects life, then you can move from painful attachment to hateful stability, greed, envy of coldness to the creation of the desired reality, where career achievements peacefully coexist with a well-equipped life and family values.

Features of the influence of the connection Saturn-Lilith

It is better for the native to get ready right away that the working out of karma will not be easy. The aspect suggests that the Saturnian goals in the family were achieved through fears, overexertion, suffering and workaholism. For example, if the ancestors of a native wanted their own home, then they had to literally suffer, working day and night, or defend it with a fight through intrigue, bribery, blackmail.

If Saturn is strong (in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra), then the native is literally squeezed by the strict rules of his world or those that he himself invented. He does not imagine that it is possible to live easily, relaxed, enjoying every day. Life for him is a struggle for survival and a place under the sun.

With a weak Saturn (in the signs of Aries, Leo, Cancer), the native is confused by the lack of boundaries and frameworks both in those around him and in his life. Other people unceremoniously break in there, they require him to comply with the rules that no one has voiced, or he sees that they are strictly asking only him, and everything else is allowed.

On the one hand, through overcoming difficulties, the native goes through karmic lessons and tempers the will, on the other hand, if negative connections between the planets prevail, then he plunges into gloomy depressive thoughts, seeks support in other people and gets angry when he is refused.

The owner of the connection Saturn – Lilith is drawn to the Saturnian types: serious people older than themselves, endowed with power, with a good reputation and titles. It can be both politicians, military, and simply representatives of the sign of Capricorn or the elderly.

Ideally, this is a role model of a person, even if his Sun is in a fiery or air sign, subconsciously through Lilith he is drawn to serious fundamental activity or research on philosophical topics from their dark, unexplored side, as, for example, M. Bulgakov did in the novel “The Master and Margarita” , creating his own version of the Gospel through a new reading of the image of Christ-Yeshua.

The positive influence of Saturn-Lilith conjunction

The aspect has a positive impact, oddly enough, through fear. The native is very afraid of being left without status and livelihood, and if the 4th house is affected, then without real estate, therefore, from a young age, he seeks to protect himself. Under the influence of these emotions, he gets a good education, starts working early, learns financial literacy, saves money for retirement.

Also, the conjunction of Lilith and Saturn endowed the ward with other important qualities:

  • the ability to structure any system, information, even complete chaos;
  • the talent to create multi-moves, which is important both in politics and in creativity, when writing a novel (Bulgakov often has several storylines running in parallel);
  • foresight, the ability to plan and foresee the consequences several steps ahead;
  • a strong desire to push the boundaries and get rid of negative attitudes, which encourages you to study the history of the family, correcting mistakes;
  • incredible vitality in difficult conditions due to the ability to organize themselves, structure activities, set long-term goals: such people do not lose heart in prison and hospital.

In the positive manifestation of the aspect, a person compares favorably with others by a serious attitude to business, a responsible approach and the ability to keep one’s word.

How to Harmonize Saturn Conjunct Lilith

Greed, fear of expressing one’s feelings and arrogance strengthen Lilith and weaken Saturn’s talent to create new systems and worlds.

To work out, it is important for a person to focus on the positive influence of the aspect, live according to the regime, come up with a unique image and self-expression for himself, be independent and not be shy about his creative gifts. The main thing here is not to fall into egocentrism, because Lilith instantly strengthens and distorts the principles of the planet with which she is in conjunction.

A psychologist will help to strengthen self-esteem and self-reliance, but you also need to choose the appropriate profession, where it is easiest for the native to acquire the desired high status.

However, the desire for the heights of society should not become a mania and limit the healthy harmonious development of the individual.

If there are problems with money and real estate, and wherever the native settles, he causes the dislike of the boss, it is imperative to look at the history of the family or additionally harmonize aspects related to the 4th and 10th houses, not limited to harmonizing only the connection of Lilith with Saturn.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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