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Conjunction Saturn – Neptune

Aspects of Saturn and Neptune are rare because these planets move slowly. Neptune is responsible for lofty ideals, creativity and inspiration. Saturn introduces restrictions and adjustments to the spiritual aspirations and religious beliefs of a person, and the native rejects concepts and ideas that do not correspond to his ideas about logic and rationality.

Saturn makes dreams more realistic, and fantasies based on specific ideas about the world around them. No matter how idealistic and inspired a person is, his mental impulses are always under the control of reason.

Conjunction Saturn - Neptune

The influence of the aspect on personality traits, goals and attitudes of a person

The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in the natal chart endows a person with spiritual strength, patience and a high level of concentration. Such people are thoughtful, unhurried and intuitive. In their work, there is most often an element of creativity. As a rule, the owner of the horoscope is waiting for a special state of inspiration in order to get started. Often chaos and confusion reign in the workplace, but this does not interfere with the native's creative process.

Since the conjunction of Saturn and Neptune is a stressful aspect, some qualities prevent a person from achieving success. This can be laziness, disorganization, a tendency to be late, as well as an inability to adhere to a schedule and meet deadlines.

If such people dream, then they try to present what they want in all details. Empty fantasies are rejected by them at once. The native moves very quickly from planning to materializing what was conceived.

People with this aspect should not indulge in apathy, pessimism and disbelief in future success if they do not succeed for a long time. No matter what happens, you cannot stop trying to move forward. You need to work hard and gradually make your dream come true.

People, in whose horoscopes there is this connection, can show their abilities in religious, medical and psychological activities. They can make good musicians, singers and composers.

The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune in some zodiac signs

This conjunction will have a more favorable effect on a person's life if Saturn or Neptune are in the signs of their power. For example, the conjunction of the above planets in the sign of Capricorn in 1989-1990. gave the world a prudent, prudent and careful generation of people, which, thanks to intuition and great strength of mind, is able to cope with life's difficulties and the vicissitudes of fate.

Aspect interactions with the Sun and Moon

The conjunction of Saturn and Neptune manifests itself in the character and in the life of a person most clearly if it is associated with aspectual interactions with personal planets and luminaries.

If the connection has good connections with the Sun or the Moon, then the owner of the horoscope intuitively chooses the most correct and shortest path to the goal, be it a career or personal life. He is kind, caring and merciful, and this gives him the opportunity to easily find a common language with others. At the same time, the owner of the aspect is quite practical and knows how to separate dreams from reality. Thanks to this quality, there are few blunders and misfires on his life path, because he pursues only specific goals that promise good material returns and advancement in society.

The intense interactions of these planets with the Sun and Moon make a person hypersensitive and dependent on external circumstances. Bad fate, bad surroundings and strict bosses become obstacles to success in life. In order to achieve good results, the native needs to gain faith in himself, avoid illusions, be extremely honest both with others and with himself. You need to gradually move forward, while relying only on your own strength.

Lilia Garipova


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