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Conjunction Saturn – Pluto

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is a rare astrological phenomenon. The speeds of these planets are low, and therefore this aspect can be found in the natal charts of most people born within one year.

Saturn and Pluto both have to do with power. But if Saturn talks about the ability to create a structure and maintain order in it, then Pluto symbolizes a powerful force that is able to destroy the existing regime and create a new, more progressive and perfect society in its place.

Characteristics of the aspect and its influence on personality

People with this aspect often appear to be powerful, authoritarian, stubborn and ambitious to others. Horoscope owners have a strong will and do not give in to life's difficulties. Fate often tests such people with power.

The combination of two conflicting planets in the horoscope has a negative impact on the character of the native. He shows dictatorial habits, is distinguished by selfishness and intransigence. A person with this aspect loves to assert himself at someone else's expense, dictates his opinion to others and does not accept alternative positions and views on issues.

If this aspect is related to the financial houses of the natal chart and to the houses responsible for work and career, then the native can show himself well and realize his abilities in administrative and economic activities, as well as in politics and in production.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in some zodiac signs

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto is a tense aspect, but there will be less negative manifestations if one of the planets is in the sign of its strength.

An example would be the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. People, in whose horoscope this constellation will be present, in any difficult situation will be able to show steadfastness, perseverance and unbending character. Whatever catastrophe happens in life, the owner of the aspect knows what to do and how to restore order. Thanks to a clear mind, high concentration and the ability to plan all difficulties on the way to the set goal, they are successfully overcome.

The conjunctions of the planets mentioned in Libra and Aries are interesting astrological cases, since here one of the planets is strong and the other is weak. In this situation, support in life and activity can be found focusing on the qualities of a stronger planet.

A native, in whose horoscope the planets are united in Libra, must learn to be diplomatic and fair in order to achieve success in life. Excessive lust for power, dictatorial habits and strong-willed pressure will lead him to a plight and bring a bad reputation.

If Saturn and Pluto in natal are in the sign of Aries, then a person needs to be wary of selfishness, pride, greed and pessimism. Success in life can come if you rely on such qualities of your character as courage, energy, the ability to inspire other people and lead them.

Aspect interactions with the Sun or Moon

If the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto forms aspects with the Sun or Moon, then its influence on the character of the native is felt especially strongly. Kind aspects with the luminaries endow a person not only with strength and energy, but also perseverance, thanks to which most goals are achieved and the native gains fame. Such people do not waste resources. They are economical, neat and know how to save what they have acquired.

The tense aspects of the mentioned conjunction with the Sun or Moon make the life of the subject full of difficulties and tragic circumstances. Recklessness, recklessness and conflict can reduce all efforts and results of a native to zero. He needs to learn to patiently overcome obstacles in his path, show prudence and go to what was planned in small steps.

Lilia Garipova


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