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Conjunction Saturn – Uranus

Aspects between Saturn and Uranus are a rather rare astronomical and astrological phenomenon. The speeds of these planets are low, and when this conjunction occurs, it unites people of the same year of birth.

Saturn is the planet of leisurely, collected, purposeful and practical people. Its influence is associated with time, planning, work, and overcoming obstacles. Uranus has exactly the opposite characteristics. It is a planet of love for freedom, spontaneous action and independence. If Saturn dictates strict rules, then Uranus simply ignores them.

When Saturn and Uranus combine their influences in the natal birth chart , the native becomes a supporter of creativity in any activity and prefers a free work schedule.

Conjunction Saturn - Uranus

The influence of the aspect on personality traits, goals and attitudes of a person

This connection suggests that the native is interested in everything new, unusual and non-standard. He is convinced that innovation is necessary in any activity. The question is how the subject will approach their implementation.

Since the conjunction of Saturn and Uranus is a tense aspect, the owner of the horoscope does not often listen to the opinions of others. He will introduce rules, new laws and innovations that are inconsistent with the wishes and needs of others.

Sometimes such people show toughness, self-will and stubbornness, bumping into discontent and opposition from the crowd. They feel the need to change the existing system, but often their actions completely destroy the established order and the usual way of life, which leads to riots and chaos.

Of course, any social transformations are useful, but the native needs to learn how to do so that they harmoniously fit into existing conditions and are aimed at improving the lives of others.

It will be good if the owners of the aspect realize their craving for innovation in any creative intellectual activity. They can make good engineers, researchers, inventors, aircraft designers, astronomers.

The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus in some zodiac signs

The effect of this aspect is less destructive if one of the planets is strong in quality. An example would be the conjunction of Uranus and Saturn in Capricorn, which took place in 1989.

People with this aspect in the horoscope are supporters of established traditions and comply with the laws established in society. However, they do not shy away from progressive ideas and modern technologies. The owner of the aspect seeks to facilitate his work, rid himself of routine work and free up time for creativity. The introduction and use of the latest developments in activities helps him to achieve the best practical results.

Aspect interactions with the Sun and Moon

The conjunction of Saturn and Uranus especially strongly affects the character and life of the owner of the horoscope if it affects personal planets and luminaries. For example, harmonious aspects with the Sun or Moon make the native diligent, patient, diligent and thoughtful, but at the same time he knows that in order to achieve success, you need to be original in everything. Such people plan events in their lives, but when a favorable chance suddenly appears, they know how to abandon the old for the sake of a new and more promising one. This gives them the opportunity to move to a new stage of development.

Tense aspects with the Sun or Moon make the subject's life full of unexpected turns of fate and adversity. Success does not come easily to such a person. He works a lot, but he finds it difficult to fit into the hierarchical structure, and his superiors do not appreciate his efforts. In order to achieve heights, the owner of the horoscope needs to gain experience and gain self-confidence. It is necessary to develop in oneself the ability to be independent of others' assessment, to learn to set goals on their own and find resources to achieve them.

Lilia Garipova


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