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Conjunction Uranus – Lilith: not like everyone else

When connecting , the planets exchange energies, creating a unique, new formation that has a special effect on human life. However, in the case of Lilith , the transformation occurs due to the turning inside out of the principles of the planet itself, because the Black Moon is nothing more than a fictitious point. It reflects hidden fears and unconscious generic programs. By aspects with it, the native understands what problems were before and how to fix them.

Uranus is a symbol of eccentricity, uniqueness and originality. He does not recognize authorities and rules and is ready for anything to create something new. The distortion of uranium energy creates an anarchist who does not recognize limitations and runs away from responsibility into the world of computer games, social networks and strange eccentric companies.

However, there is a downside – behind this lies a unique creative vision of the subtle worlds and the desire to create something that was not there before.

Features of the influence of the connection of Uranus with Lilith

It is difficult for a native to realize where the expression of his uniqueness begins and ends. Most often, he declares himself completely out of place, not understanding when it is necessary to publicly show creative thinking, originality and courage, and when it is better to remain silent, do it in secret and then demonstrate it.

Since Lilith perverts the principles of the planet with which she is connected, and Uranus is already without a king in her head, then the following are characteristic of a person:

  • inflated conceit, snobbery, a deep sense of one’s own superiority in the profession, or, on the basis of external giftedness, contempt for rules and conventions with strong Uranus in Scorpio, Aquarius;
  • a feeling of inner insignificance, social restrictions (even in their absence), an acute experience of a lack of something in oneself: others seem to be wealthier, more talented, more active with weak Uranus in Taurus, Virgo, Leo;
  • irritability when it is impossible to concentrate on an interesting hobby or business, when it is necessary to deal with everyday life, cooking, earning one’s daily bread;
  • an irresistible need to stand out from the crowd and at the same time not break away from it, to be above everyone and see everyone’s delight and admiration for their uniqueness.

For the sake of the last point, a person is ready for extravagant acts, to which the Black Moon pushes him. In conjunction with it, Uranus loses its already shaky connection with reality. It seems to the native that if he now sends a foul language to his boss or tears his passport in front of everyone as a sign of protest, everyone will be stunned by such courage and recognize him as a hero.

Times of unrest are especially dangerous for the owners of the connection. They go to the barricades, howl with power, quit their jobs, and end up in prison or alone without support and help.

It is very important for a native to be surrounded by like-minded people, even if it is a bunch of outcasts or freeloaders. Superstars with a large retinue of fans and homeless people with drinking buddies who have lost everything because of their explosive nature and impulsiveness have this aspect.

The positive impact of the conjunction of Uranus with Lilith

At the same time, one cannot attribute exclusively destructive influence to Lilith, the main thing is to direct it in the right direction. A native cannot be like everyone else, this includes completely uncontrolled outbursts of aggression.

If the air element dominates in the horoscope, then the person is a narcissist, to whom recognition is vital. To obtain it, you need to understand that the conjunction of Uranus with Lilith gives birth to people with an original artistic taste, non-standard thinking and a desire to turn the world around in order to bring the future described in science fiction novels closer.

Such people are able to invent incredible technical innovations, the creation of which people did not even dream of, but they already considered information from subtle planes.

In whatever area the owner of the Uranus-Lilith connection works, he will definitely invent something new and unusual there to speed up the process.

Aspect gives intuition on the verge of clairvoyance. A person has sudden insights, insights, and in a state of inspiration, he is able to make scientific discoveries. If the native is a creative person, it is impossible to confuse him with other artists, he will definitely figure out how to excel.

How to Harmonize Uranus Conjunct Lilith

Lilith constantly encourages a person to violate the boundaries of decency, and it seems to him that this is fresh and bold, and only then, as if with a hangover, he realizes that he has disgraced himself and ruined his reputation. It is very important to develop a sense of proportion in oneself, to study the rules of behavior in society as a primer, because the native does not have an innate understanding of decency.

The parents of such a child from an early age need to explain to him the boundaries of what is permitted and allow complete freedom only in creativity.

Such people do not have a sense of danger, they can run on rooftops, jump with a parachute, perform extreme actions on a dare to show that I am not like everyone else.

This ends badly, especially if Uranus connects with Lilith in the 8th or 1st house. It is best if there is a serious, sober-minded and responsible person nearby who will stop impulsive and thoughtless actions in time. Despite the fact that the action of the higher planets begins at a conscious age, children are very sensitive to Uranian energies. It is important to control and protect such a child.

Unusual hobbies will help relieve stress in adulthood, including dancing, figure skating, aerial gymnastics, aircraft modeling, as well as astrology classes and participation in various creative festivals.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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