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Jupiter-Selena Conjunction: There is happiness

Although the White Moon is considered a fictitious point, its influence on the fate of a person can be tracked by analyzing your natal chart . The house in which she is located is the resource of the native, the place of the bright karma of the family. In these cases, you will always be lucky, help and support will come from unexpected sources, and protection from above is also provided.

All these energies, when Selena connects with another planet, acquire an obvious meaning and go in a specific direction. Jupiter is a symbol of great happiness, good luck, wealth and success in society. However, the main function of the planet is expansion, and if it is affected, then problems grow. It is very important to consider the card individually in order to understand whether Selena enhances luck or barely holds back the flow of problems on the Jupiter theme.

Features of the conjunction of Jupiter and Selena

The White Moon can be compared to a good fairy, because it gives a person at birth the best qualities of the planet, in a positive aspect with which she is.

The native is by nature an optimistic, cheerful person, he strives for knowledge, he is lucky with money, and most importantly – with patrons. At school, he is loved by teachers and protected by authoritative classmates, later taken under the wing of the boss and foreign influential partners.

To concretize the influence of the conjunction of Jupiter with Selena, three factors must be taken into account:

1. The house in which the aspect is located;

2. Strength or weakness of Jupiter;

3. The manager of the sector affected by the connection.

If Jupiter is initially weak or afflicted by negative aspects with other planets, Selene will work as a protective shield, but without major luxurious bonuses.

If, for example, this is the 2nd house, then a person will not lose his salary and place of work, even if a layoff is coming, but at the same time he will not have the same ease in making money and career growth as the owner of a strong Jupiter with additional positive aspects to connect with Selena in the same 2nd house.

In addition, during negative transits, troubles at work multiply, but thanks to the White Moon, the native manages to cope with them, although at the same time he gets tired and worries. The owner of a strong Jupiter is insured against such stress.

Other important areas of influence of the aspect:

  • understanding of world religions and philosophical beliefs of other people;
  • the desire to serve people as a person endowed with power and authority, in the noblest sense;
  • the need to do charity work;
  • the ability to change the mentality of others for the better, pedagogical abilities.

These people are born teachers, psychologists and priests, but they carry the light of truth in different ways, depending on the level of personal intelligence and the strength of the planet. They can turn into saints who “baptize” into their faith with fire and sword, sincerely believing that they are saving lost souls, and true authorities, looking at whom one wants to change for the better.

Dangers of the conjunction Jupiter – Selena

It is very important to determine how harmonious the planet itself is. The White Moon highlights her best qualities, and a conscious person growing up in a loving and warm family environment will certainly show them from an early age.

However, it also happens that you need to grow up, feel and accept the gifts of Jupiter, breaking away from the superficial material perception of the world. At the first lowest level, a person is lucky with finances and purchases, and very often things do not go beyond this.

Selena can encourage learning and spiritual growth, but the native does not always respond to the call. Most often, everything is limited to this, and many astrologers say that the White Moon does not work. However, as soon as the native goes against the Jupiterian principles of generosity, nobility, and observance of the law, destructive actions return like a boomerang. This always happens every 7 years, starting at about 12 years of age, if a person abuses power, leads other people astray, boasts and extols material values.

Do not forget that with the stubborn desire of the owner of the card to enrich and dominate others at any cost, Selena seems to blind him. Such people sin with a sense of their unconditional rightness and holiness, justifying the basest deeds by some kind of chosenness that they themselves have come up with. These are passionate fanatics, and not always in religion, but in any direction that is important to them.

How to work out the connection Jupiter – Selena

The best thing is to constantly expand the horizons of perception of the world, not to allow your intellect to ossify in only one version of relations with reality, which will inevitably lead to the exaltation of your views and faith and the humiliation of other people who think differently. In order to constantly be in the stream of luck of Jupiter and Selena, the native needs to develop democracy, liberalism, the ability to put oneself in the place of another and understand someone else’s value system, but most importantly, all this should be based on respect.

You cannot exalt yourself above others, even objectively occupying a prestigious position or having the highest status. Even in kings, simplicity of communication and friendliness are valued, and pride and arrogance are punishable.

A man came into the world so that, thanks to his mind, influence, financial achievements through Jupiter, to serve people in the theme of the house where Selena stands.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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