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Trigon Chiron – Lilith: learn from your own injuries

People are used to expecting a lot from the most positive aspect of the horoscope, but the trine is an opportunity that, without proper effort, can remain untouched. Especially if its participants are the mysterious asteroid Chiron , symbolizing the deep vulnerability of the native, and the fictitious point Lilith , the apogee of the Moon, associated with the darkest tunnel of the subconscious. It’s all rooted in ancestral memory.

The native may not even suspect where he has the talents of a healer, writer, artist and medium, and along with this, a lot of internal fears, pain and sensitivity that arise every time he tries to go his own way and be different from everyone else. You can cope with this only by plunging into the dark waters of the subconscious and working with emerging problems.

Opportunities and weaknesses of the trine Chiron – Lilith

In fact, the positive of the trine lies in the free flow of energy from one planet to another, which helps the free manifestation of the native in the houses where they stand. But the series of events is determined by the person himself by his morality and sense of the boundaries between good and evil.

Lilith is a deep, unbridled sexuality and an interest in the shadow side of things. Chiron is a birth trauma, a recurring scenario that the ancestors of the native lived, because of which their genetic code formed a special vulnerability and sensitivity.

The house where the asteroid is standing is the arena of actions that cause such a reaction. In this area, a person will experience incomprehensible shame for the desires of Lilith and at the same time will not be able to resist the temptation to embody them.

Trin will ensure the ease of fulfillment of the plan, but the undeveloped Chiron will not let him calm down. He wants to be rich, please, but he will be ashamed to live in comfort when someone is starving. He wishes to have his own chic house, well, everything will work out, but he will worry about how his parents will perceive it, that they have been huddled in a modest Khrushchev all their lives.

Such duality is a reflection of the merging of the insatiable Lilith and the bashful Chiron, even in a positive reading.

There is another option: Chiron knows how to double what is within his sphere of influence. If he is in the 2nd or 6th house, as soon as a person takes care of money issues or looking for a job, fabulous options literally fall from the sky, one is better than the other. He is tormented by doubts about what is better to choose, because hesitation and uncertainty are just Chironian qualities. Well, if he has strong Mercury, the Sun and Mars, then the choice will be made, and if not, then with all the possibilities of the trine, the stellar chance can be missed.

Trigon Chiron – Lilith and relationships

If one of the participants of the aspect is in the 5th or 7th house, the issue of personal life for the native will be paramount. He will not feel like a full-fledged and happy person alone, and a partner will become a support for him to gain confidence in society. If such a person is abandoned or betrayed, 2 scenarios are possible:

  • mental trauma for life, which he will cover up with endless novels and short-term relationships, trying to prove his worth in his personal life, but not trusting and not becoming attached;
  • a heart wound will prompt him to seek “healing”, moving to a new level of relationship, working through codependency through psychology, astrology, regression, which are Chironian tools.

The trine ensures the free flow of energy in any case. A native can revel in suffering all his life and build relationships based on this feeling, or through the trauma of rejection he will come to full acceptance of himself, and even help many, becoming a psychologist or simply advising how to work through pain and enter into healthy, trusting relationships, despite the past. stress.

At the same time, the Lilith-Chiron trine, affecting the 5th and 7th houses, really increases the number of partners. If a person falls in love and actively manifests himself in creativity in the 5th house, a crowd of boyfriends or fans appears around him. It is very difficult to choose, and Lilith pushes you to the carousel of meetings with each one in turn. Sometimes such an experience is necessary for the native to understand what is really needed, since people with this aspect really come into the world in order to gain experience in personal relationships in which they feel Chironian vulnerability and insecurity.

How to work out the trine Chiron – Lilith

Trin is an aspect of constant action, which means that you will have to work out its influence all your life. You need to look at what house Chiron is in: there is increased vulnerability and sensitivity, which must be “treated” by gaining confidence and showing creativity in the house where Lilith is standing, otherwise she will start creating a funnel of events to annoy Chiron in order to pump energy. Therefore, it is better to be ahead of the curve.

For example, if Lilith is in Leo in the 5th house, you should boldly head to the top floor of this combination: be a star, a bright creative person who is admired by children, spend a lot of time with them, revealing your brave inner child through games and humor. In this case, wounds according to Chiron will not be terrible, and any trials can be passed confidently and for the benefit of oneself and society.

It is useful to study psychology, engage in energy practices such as Reiki, acupuncture, Chinese martial arts, dance, anything that can increase individual energy levels.

The best stone is a talisman for harmonizing the trine Lilith – Chiron – a Ural emerald or green tourmaline.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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