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Trine Chiron – Mars. Warrior of Light

Chiron is called a planetoid, an asteroid and a cosmetoid, but one thing is certain: he is a conductor of divine wisdom, which is difficult for ordinary people to adequately perceive beyond the line that separates the visible planets from the three higher ones. In order to convey information to the invisible world, you will have to try hard to be heard, and this is where Mars works in an amazing way . Under the influence of the positive force of the trine, he, together with Chiron, manifests himself in the most favorable way.

The native becomes a conductor of new knowledge, or helps other reformers to bring them into the world to improve the quality of life of the entire planet. Trine Mars-Chiron is always about global action. However, the ability to overcome unthinkable obstacles sometimes attracts problems through a subconscious intention to test oneself for strength.

The positive influence of the trine Mars – Chiron

Although Mars is considered an evil planet, in its highest manifestation it gives decisive action and courage in the battle for a just cause. Trine allows a person to open any door without any extra effort. He easily enters the office of any boss, and if Mercury is strong in his horoscope, he receives agreements sealed with seals and a good location.

However, this is how an experienced native works, who managed to fill bumps in early youth. Chiron is a wounded healer. Before discovering the potential of Mars, a person felt insecure and vulnerable in the sphere of Chiron’s affairs and sought to save Martian energy by going into the shadows or running away from problems.

To turn on the trigon, on the contrary, you need to calmly take risks, passing the necessary lessons, even if they promise unpleasant sensations. For success, there are a lot of advantages bestowed by the Chiron-Mars trine:

  • the makings of a leader, energy, enterprise, an original approach to the execution of any task with an emphasis on speed and determination;
  • courage turns on at the sight of injustice, conservatism, when they try to push talents away, and if the native has power, he will always support new ideas of gifted people free of charge;
  • excellent intuition, which helps to conserve strength and choose the best moment for offensive actions;
  • lack of laziness, typical of the owners of the trine, due to the inclusion of the light side of Mars;
  • the ability to transfer your energy and inspiration to other people, charge them for accomplishments and heal psychological wounds.

Chiron wouldn’t be himself if he didn’t periodically add a little sour taste of insecurity and shame to this radiant cocktail. The native is a winner by nature, but being constantly in the forefront, following his desire, he begins to worry about the feelings of those who are left behind, and slows down his triumphant progress, fearing to infringe on someone’s interests.

Trine Mars-Chiron and personal life

A native of any gender gets along well with men. Young people, energetic, passionate, athletic, play a big role in the life of the owners of the horoscope. It can be both relatives, lovers, and marriage partners, charging with their love of life and energy.

Very often, the native creates a family business, especially if Mars is in the 7th house, and a priori he is attracted by strong, active personalities. The only problem is that at an average level of development, he is attracted to men with criminal inclinations, who can lead astray and replace the desire to win with the desire to humiliate and take away. Most often, such a substitution of concepts occurs in women with the Mars-Chiron trine, who are attracted to brutal, muscular alpha males with a magnet.

Men with this aspect will easily be carried away by independent women of athletic build, but at the same time they do not expect masculine behavior from them, but rather are ready to support their business, actively engage in common work, console and inspire with a kind word.

If Chiron is in the 7th house, then a person will expect a partner to solve his material problems, so that his life partner shows masculine qualities, even if it is a woman, and he himself will be an ideological inspirer and performer.

Study of the trine Chiron-Mars

The native needs to learn not to be afraid to win and not to be shy about declaring his ambitions. Mars endows him with the qualities of a warrior of light and it is very important not to go over to the dark side, while observing the measure in the manifestation of strength, which he is endowed with in abundance. To do this, you need to learn:

  • defend your borders without violating those of others, without going too far, reacting adequately to the attacks of aggressors;
  • express anger and anger in environmentally friendly ways, without destroying relationships and the space around, for example, through sports;
  • get in touch with your masculinity through the acceptance of responsibility, the courage to take the first step, relying on yourself or, in extreme cases, on a male partner (most often among women);
  • find a balance between self-affirmation and cooperation;
  • solve any problems related to men, struggle, conflicts;
  • help others recover from physical and psychological trauma, violence, stress.

The most important thing is to rebuild your consciousness so as not to attract aggressors and rapists. The native unconsciously does this, and then strikes the world with courage and mental strength in the fight against trauma. If such a reflex occurs, it is urgent to relieve tension through sports loads. They will also help to harmonize the internal state of jewelry with natural stones: strawberry aventurine , sardonyx, garnet .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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