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Trine Chiron – Saturn. Imaginary sword of Damocles

Trigon brings good luck, but also relaxes, making you believe that everything will be fine, even if you just lie on the couch. On the one hand, the native is a darling of fate, on the other hand, he is completely unprepared for the difficulties that inevitably arise in everyone’s life. The situation is balanced by squares and oppositions, as well as the lord of karma and the astrological guardian of order Saturn.

Any aspects of Chiron with him are rare, but perhaps this is for the best, because in order to overcome the sadness and pessimism of a great teacher, the strength of a centaur healer is not enough. If there is a strong Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, life will be easier, but their weak positions lead either to an intensive study of karma, or a person achieves everything he wants, but does not feel happiness and satisfaction.

The positive influence of the Chiron-Saturn trine

Frankly, the effect of the aspect is more neutral. Happiness can be considered a softening of the hard and harsh Saturn and a philosophical and humorous attitude to karmic lessons that Chiron brings, with the exception of its position in earth signs, where seriousness rules the ball.

The owners of the trine Saturn-Chiron constantly feel fatal clouds hanging over them, and if Saturn is in the 5th house, then any joy is poisoned by the fear of the coming retribution for pleasure. This, of course, is only their personal attitude, but it is difficult to stop believing in retribution, especially if there was a difficult childhood and strict teachers.

Chiron alleviates their condition only with the hope that everything is temporary and happiness will happen anyway. True, if this does not happen with age, the native loses his entire supply of optimism and turns into a dull grumbler. However, there is no fatalism here. It’s just that the native needs to use the advantages of the Chiron-Saturn trine more actively than others, emphasizing its higher energies and virtues:

  • diligence, the ability to find an original, fresh approach to solving any problem and systematically apply it in practice;
  • the talent of a strategist, managing resources, time, finances, a manager, a methodologist, a technical specialist;
  • a passionate desire to receive a significant social post, and, accordingly, respect for reputation, diligence in achieving the goal;
  • predisposition to military affairs, command, staff work, cartography;
  • legal protection, even if a person chooses a criminal path, for a long time he manages to get away with it, but we must remember that Saturn will take its toll, although sometimes this happens in the next life or is reflected in the karma of children;
  • a tough sarcastic sense of humor, which also helps to become one’s own in an interesting environment for the native;
  • the habit of a calm and measured lifestyle, a philosophical attitude to difficulties, which allows you to work productively in conditions that are beyond the strength of others.

The aspect allows you to be both a responsible executor and a tsar-priest who cares about the welfare of his subjects. A person is equally respected whether he is in the position of an employee or head of state, but it is difficult for him to get moral satisfaction from the results of his work, although constant dissatisfaction with life also serves him well as an engine of personal progress.

Trine Chiron-Saturn in personal relationships

Despite the conditionally positive influence, the aspect does not contribute to warm relations with people. He disposes people to the native as a professional, but not as a person with whom they want to be friends, although he is usually loyal, reliable and knows how to keep other people’s secrets.

Trine also does not save from conflicts with parents, the desire to resist their emotional coldness and restrictions, especially if Saturn is in the 4th or 10th house. If Chiron is there, then parents are rather indifferent to children, but passionate about their own careers.

It depends on the native whether he chooses the same way of life or creates a fundamentally different one, because the Chiron-Saturn trine gives a unique gift to create new systems, no matter technical or philosophical.

The aspect has a similar effect on marriage. Saturn in the 7th house encourages you to choose a partner reminiscent of one of the parents with authoritarian manners and nit-picking, but if Chiron is in this sector, then the husband or wife will be creative and original-minded, and the native will already begin to break their creative and easy attitude to life, adjusting to their canons.

Of course, this can also be lost on the higher energies of the trine, when Pygmalion creates Galatea, but most often perfectionism leads to conflicts and confrontation of interests.

The study of the trine Chiron-Saturn

You will have to mitigate the influence of the trine all your life, concentrating on its strengths. The key here is to forgive offenses along the lines of the affairs of the sector where Chiron stands. You need to stop proving something to parents who make high demands on their child, even when it has matured, and most importantly, get rid of guilt without suppressing it with work, without covering it with a high social status, but by working through the problem systematically, as Saturn loves, with a psychologist or a rodologist, because if the corner houses are affected, the roots of the experiences go far into the genetic memory.

The second step is to learn to enjoy simple things and to be able to alternate work with the necessary rest, to appreciate yourself not only as a computer, but also as a person with ordinary weaknesses.

Jewelry with blue aventurine , lapis lazuli , charoite and citrine will become an indispensable source of energy for the native .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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