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Trigon Moon – Lilith: psychic in action

Aspect endows with strong intuition up to prophetic dreams and mystical abilities of telepathy and healing with hands. The higher the level of spirituality, the more a person can control these gifts. However, not everything is so simple in the aspect where there is Lilith , a symbol of negative karma and aspirations for forbidden pleasures, as well as the Moon , our subconscious, which stores the whole range of emotions, including those suppressed by the rules of society.

They are successfully activated by Lilith, plunging a person into soul-searching, which sometimes leads to despondency and disappointment in oneself. The native may worry why I am so vulnerable and sensitive, while others live and do not get nervous over trifles. Only realizing that the gift of empathy provides a lot of favorable opportunities, you can get huge advantages over people with limited intuition. After all, the native can foresee the future.

Opportunities and problems of the trine Moon – Lilith

The owner of the horoscope notices his unusual abilities from early childhood, and here the main thing is not to be afraid, not to let others devalue this channel of communication with the subtle world, not to close it completely. Such a child in dreams receives information about past lives, and it can be scary if there were repressions, dispossession and violence in the family.

Even in adulthood, one must be attentive to recurring nightmares, deciphering and realizing them. In addition, from childhood, a person understands that he can read what is on the mind of another, and Lilith would not be herself if she did not tempt to use this information for the benefit of her ward, but this often comes to the detriment of others, and pay off every 9 years the boomerang effect will be native.

Therefore, the gift of intuition and clairvoyance with the trine Moon – Lilith is always with a double bottom.

At the same time, its owner has good analytical thinking, he knows how to notice little things and compare them into a whole picture, especially if the Moon or Lilith is in Virgo.

Combined with an incredible inner flair, this is a rare talent of a psychologist, detective, scientist, marketer, salesperson, teacher and educator.

However, the native will be able to succeed in any business where it is required to understand the motives of people’s deep actions. Often he has the gift of a psychic, he knows how to feel on the physical plane where pain or discomfort is in the body. This ability is characteristic of the owners of the water Moons.

At a high level of development, the ability to feel both positive and negative emotions of other people in their entirety helps a person to feel the versatility of the world and be a peacemaker, because he does not judge, but understands. They are natural teachers and educators.

At the same time, the native may suffer from impostor syndrome, self-doubt, excessive vulnerability and fear that his sensitivity will be laughed at. This happens with additional negative aspects of the Moon.

Trine Moon – Lilith and relationships

Natural heightened sensitivity is more pronounced in women. A rude word can hurt them, but in the emotional heat they also feel the enemy’s weak point well and will pick up a retaliatory verbal blow in such a way that he will remember for a long time.

Women with the trine Moon – Lilith are healers, at a high spiritual level of development, and witches, if they are not familiar with the mystical influence of the aspect. Not only do they foresee the course of events, but they can bless or jinx, depending on their attitude towards a person.

The one who offended them has a hard time, even if they do not think about revenge. Trin Moon – Lilith works as a talisman against other people’s witchcraft and envy. In a life partner, such women are looking for support from the material plane, since they themselves are not particularly practical, unless the Moon is in earth signs, as well as sensuality and kindness. It is important for them that their emotionality does not irritate their partner.

A man with a Moon trine – Lilith is afraid to show her sensitivity, and suppressed emotions result in aggression. He often gets irritated and seems unhappy. It is important for him to choose a helping profession in order to officially show concern and participation, and also to find a woman who will accept his nature without ridicule.

How to work out the Moon trine – Lilith

The most important thing for such people is to find inner support without looking at other people. It is very good if the parents of such a child understood the basics of psychology and astrology, did not criticize and supported his dreams.

Most often, the owners of the Moon-Lilith trine are lucky with their mother, who does just that, but if the Sun has opposition with the Moon and tense aspects with other personal planets, there may be problems with the father.

If the native has been criticized and devalued since childhood, the talent of the aspect can be buried in complexes and fears. They will have to be worked out with a psychologist. Any creativity, and especially stage art, is the key to the treasures of the subtle world hidden in the human soul: empathy, telepathy, healing abilities. However, it should be remembered that emotional overexcitation results in irritability and anger. Dancing, yoga, qigong will help to cope with this.

From an astrological point of view, harmonization of the Moon will help according to the principle: love, heal, feed. Sincere and unselfish concern for others brings the native to the highest level of the aspect. You can not condemn, curse, swear. It is advisable to wear white clothes and pearls of the same shade.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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