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Trine Moon – Jupiter

The moon is an important luminary in the horoscope. In terms of importance it is second only to the sun . The position and aspects of the Moon will tell a lot about a person's character, his psychological characteristics, as well as health and well-being.

Trine Moon - JupiterThe harmonious aspect of the trine (trine) of Jupiter and the Moon gives the native a positive attitude, cheerfulness and an optimistic outlook on life. Jupiter is associated with the expansion of opportunities and spheres of influence, and therefore the owner of the trine always notices and uses favorable chances of fate.

Jupiter is also the planet of wisdom, knowledge and foresight. A good interaction in the trine of the Moon and Jupiter helps the native mentally pave the way for the future and make the right decision in life in a timely manner.

Aspect and its influence on the character and behavior of a person

This aspect gives people a good imagination, rich creative talents and a love of learning. Holders of the trine of the Moon and Jupiter are happy to comprehend new things, travel a lot, devote time to spiritual development and self-improvement.

The positive energy, joy and happiness that these people radiate attract others, and this makes the owners of the aspect popular and loved by everyone. The good that the native does always comes back to him. People also help him in difficult situations.

The native is always confident that his affairs will end successfully. Authority, a high cultural level, material wealth, family well-being – these are all that a person strives for, and which, as a rule, achieves during his life.

Trigon of the Moon and Jupiter in the natal chart of a man

If a man's natal chart contains this aspect, then this indicates a harmonious relationship and a happy marriage. This statement is especially true when the Moon in the horoscope is strong in its qualities.

A man chooses a merciful, kind, caring, educated and talented woman as his wife. In such a partnership, there are many joint projects, travels and creative achievements.

Trigon of the Moon and Jupiter in natal women

A woman whose birth chart contains this aspect has a generous, optimistic and good-natured nature. She is happy to help others, because she knows how to improve any life situation.

She gives her loved ones a feeling of joy and fullness of life. She organically looks in the role of a hospitable hostess, a caring wife and mother of a large family.

Trine of the Moon and Jupiter in the child's horoscope

Children, in whose horoscopes there is a kind aspect of trines between the Moon and Jupiter, are most often lucky with educators and teachers. Parents and the immediate environment create all the conditions for successful learning and development for these inquisitive and inquisitive kids.

It is important to show such children a world full of exciting events and interesting adventures. Then the child will be happy and enthusiastic to get acquainted with the areas of interest to him.

Moon and Jupiter in different signs of the zodiac

The planets united by the trigon aspect are in most cases located in the signs of the same element.

If the Moon and Jupiter are in the signs of Fire, then the owner of the horoscope is famous for his generous nature and magnanimous character. Any of his actions have a wide scope and great publicity. People are drawn to the owner of the horoscope for help and support.

The planets in the signs of Air will tell about a person who loves to learn and expand horizons. Such a person enjoys a variety of trips, travel and communication with interesting and knowledgeable people.

If Jupiter and the Moon are in earth signs, then the native is inclined to accumulate resources and seek prosperity and well-being in family and personal life. The feeling of reliability and confidence in the future makes the owner of the horoscope truly happy.

The luminaries united by a trigon and located in water signs will emphasize the native's mercy, caring and kindness. Such a person loves to give advice, help and provide patronage. Sometimes charity becomes one of the most important things in life for him.

Lilia Garipova

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