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Trine Mercury – Lilith: Sherlock Holmes is investigating

This aspect is interesting already because it is extremely rare. This already gives its owner a reason to rejoice at his talent for sharpened analytical thinking, intuition and the ability to instantly process a colossal amount of information, not only that which is in the public domain, but also that which one must still guess, or mystically read from the subconscious of others .

All this happens automatically in the head of the native, and therefore it is unrealistic to deceive him. He is a real Sherlock Holmes, able to determine from the specks of dirt on his shoes where his interlocutor was in the morning and what he did in that place. Sometimes such a gift draws a person into other people’s dark secrets, and the thirst for investigation and restoration of justice leads to dangerous consequences, especially if he does not know how to keep his mouth shut.

Opportunities and problems of the trine Lilith – Mercury

In addition to excellent detective abilities, the aspect generously endows the native with literary and oratory talents.

They are expressed in the ability to create images that catch deep triggers in the minds of people and draw their attention to a work or speech. Already at school, a person stands out from the crowd thanks to this, because Mercury , like the moon, turns on quite early. Given the 9-year cycle of Lilith’s return, around the 2nd grade, her ward begins to show himself as a regular participant and winner of creative competitions, and later, at the university and at work, there is no doubt that it is he who should make a speech or lead the company’s social networks.

A big plus to the reputation of a person is the absence of stupid stubbornness. The owners of the trine Mercury – Lilith calmly change their views and accept the point of view of the interlocutor, if it is reasonably justified. They will not foam at the mouth to prove that only they are right, and if they are wrong, they will be able to gracefully avoid exposure, confusing the public, so that it seems like such a rhetorical move.

However, do not forget that the trine makes it easy to receive bonuses in the areas for which the planets are responsible, but this does not mean that the native will only succeed in good deeds.

The great temptation of the aspect is gossip and gossip. Do not feed bread, let the closest environment wash the bones. It distracts from business, takes energy. Of course, if the native is at a low stage of development, then the word in his mouth is a formidable destructive tool. He can conspire with such multi-moves that you will not find the ends, tarnish the reputation, ruin the mood, be rude, and get away with everything at the expense of the trine.

At this stage of development, a person is drawn to swear and be fueled by the negative energy of dirty talk.

At a higher level of awareness, the owner of the trine Mercury – Lilith, too, no, no, and will speak obscenities, but in this case it will be dramaturgically justified and become a piquant zest.

The word in this aspect is a tool for creating its own unique image, which has no equal.

Trine Mercury – Lilith and relationships

Women with this aspect are a priori gifted with a greater resource of intelligence than their peers. They are smart, well educated, read a lot, and often several books of different genres at the same time, from textbooks to romance novels. It’s better for them not to change, because thanks to the natural abilities of the detective, they instantly compare disparate facts, including the most inconspicuous little things, and easily bring the wrong companion to clean water.

They themselves rarely cheat, although they can fall in love with the mind of another person, admire charisma and even play romantic scenes in their heads. But physical intimacy is not as interesting for them as witty flirting and entertaining conversation, especially if the interlocutor has a beautiful voice. If suddenly a woman with the trine Mercury – Lilith decides on an affair on the side, then it will not be possible to calculate her, she calculates her every step, ahead of the investigation.

A man with the same aspect is also smart and well educated, which encourages him to appreciate the same in a partner. Ideally, if they both have the same trine Mercury – Lilith. It will not be possible to miss such a couple with each other. However, men are characterized by a special quality – haste of conclusions. Based on a small number of facts, they make up the big picture, and if in business and study this is a plus, in relationships it is difficult for them to accept the illogicality of emotions and the mysterious female logic, so the conclusions may be wrong.

How to work out the trine Mercury – Lilith

The goal of a native is to be able to operate not only with facts and knowledge gained, but also learn to understand people’s emotions. By combining mind and feelings, they will be able to own the world, since this talent is in demand both in politics and in marketing, art, literature, music, and pedagogy. If a sharp mind, oratory, a good memory, the ability to see the essence of things and understand human nature are given by nature, then all this must also be able to express it in such a way that it touches the soul.

To do this, you need to strengthen your Venus and interact correctly with Neptune.

For the purpose of developing everything in general, it is highly desirable to practice dancing, music and acting, even if the native does not intend to be an artist. This includes the energy of creativity and empathy, which is sure to come in handy in any endeavor. The more public appearances, the stronger Mercury will be, because Lilith loves the attention of the public.

It is undesirable to use a mat, black magic conspiracies and participation in quarrels.

The stone that strengthens the trine Mercury – Lilith – green onyx .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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